Buckeyes Hire Johnson, Press Boxes Shudder

By Jason Priestas on March 6, 2007 at 9:15 pm

Jim Tressel has filled the vacant cornerbacks coach position with the hiring of Taver Johnson, most recently with the Oakland Raiders -- which could explain the unusual move of a guy going from an assistant coach in the NFL to a similar spot in the NCAA. The Vest said something after Beckman's departure about coaches finding OSU instead of it being the other way around the other way around, and I can only imagine the thought of having to work for the Tracksuit Godfather vs. returning home to coach for a winner was too much to pass up for Johnson.

The-Ozone has more:

Johnson's Ohio roots go deep. He is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduate of CAPE. He attended college at Wittenberg University where he was a two-time All-American linebacker and was named North Coast Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the year in 1992-93.

And this story of his.. err.. love of press boxes:

Johnson is a fiery individual with a real linebacker's mentality. In 2002 however, the fire got a little out of control. Johnson lost his cool in the press box at the Marshall vs. Miami football game and did some damage within the press box. Miami barred him from off-season recruiting and required him to pay for the press box damages. In that incident, Johnson threw a table into a wall after a Miami loss to Marshall.

I love it! In other staff-related news, Ohio State also hired former linebacker Fred Pagac Jr. to work with the defensive line.