Stan Brock Don't Care Who Your Daddy Is

By Jason Priestas on February 1, 2007 at 11:39 pm
Stan Brock
Mine. Not yours.

New Army football coach Stan Brock, the man recommended for the job by retiring Bobby Ross, has fired Ross's son Kevin from the staff of the Black Knights. Kevin Ross was caught completely off guard by the move and indicated that his father had left under the assumption that Kevin would be retained as offensive coordinator.

On one hand, I can feel a guy wanting to bring his own guys in and put his stamp on an operation. But if any type of assurances were made to <hankvoice>Bobby</hankvoice> along the lines of his son's continued employment, then this is a pretty shitty move. Being cold and being honest are not mutually exclusive.

Machiavelli, however, nods in approval.