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By Jason Priestas on February 9, 2007 at 1:05 pm

More Trouble in Troy?
USC compliance officials are looking into a possible NCAA recruiting violation after super recruit Joe McKnight told reporters at a news conference that his mind was put at ease regarding USC's Reggie Bush issues after listening in to a phone conversation between Surfer Pete and Bush. Former players are forbidden from phoning recruits and evidently this could be a violation in some form, if true. Carroll denies the call ever took place while McKnight's high school coach said the player misspoke.

You Will Hear From Our Sponsors
The Wizard of Odds has a fancy graphic and some numbers illustrating the average number of college football plays broadcast per minute, by network. SEC fans are getting milked -- CBS broadcasts average a measly .61 plays per minute. Not surprisingly, games that weren't televised averaged .72 pays per minute. Other averages: ABC/ESPN .66, FOX .68 and TBS .69.

Basketball Junkie - Check, Net Junkie - Check
CBS Sportsline has started to accept VIP accounts for their March Madness on Demand package. As a VIP, you are guaranteed access to view every game of the tournament online along with other perks. If it's a must that you see all of the 1 v. 16 matchups and you don't want to risk getting shut out of games from too much online demand in the free queue, here's your chance. 11W will be in Vegas for the opening weekend of March Madness and will be getting heavy use out of this assuming the WiFi is working at the trailer park that we'll call home for the weekend.