2006 College Football Blog Awards

By Jason Priestas on January 14, 2007 at 6:30 pm

Rocky Top Talk has posted the complete list of nominees for the2006 College Football Blog Awards. If I were a casual reader, I would think these awards were a little silly, gratuitous even. But after 6 months of 11W, I realize just how time-consuming (and fun) this can all be. The nominees spend a great deal of time crafting well-written posts that keep us informed, amused and involved.

Representing Buckeye Nation as nominees, Buckeye Commentary is nominated for Best Big Ten Blog while, Men of the Scarlet and Gray and Buckeye Commentary are each nominated for the Brady Quinn Award, which goes to the "prettiest blog, the best layout and design". Winner of the Best Big Ten Blog will receive a wedgie from Joe Pa, while the winner of the Brady Quinn Award receives an invite to the Hawk family's 4th of July party.

If you have some time, or better yet, a printer, head on over to the full list of nominees for some great content. If you run a college football blog, be sure to vote as well.