LLLLLoyd Sees a Playoff, Silencing Vitale and More

By Jason Priestas on December 9, 2006 at 1:43 am
Lloyd Carr

Wolverine coach Lloyd Carr is convinced that we'll see a playoff in the future. With polling showing that over 88% of fans also want to see this happen, you have to figure he's right. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen overnight and you have to wonder if Lloyd can survive The Vest long enough to see a playoff. Perhaps in 2014 when he's running Ball State, he'll get his crack.

Silencing Dick Vitale. Some Dukie with mad experience in his high school A/V club has figured out a way to silence Dick Vitale in games that are broadcast in Dolby 5.1.

Vote early, vote often. Finally, the Weblog Awards are out with their 2006 nominees for sports blog of the year. Unfortunately, 11W was overlooked, but there are a couple of other fine candidates worth your consideration (and vote).