Smith Sets Another Record, Early Exits and More

By Jason Priestas on November 21, 2006 at 8:34 pm
  • Troy Smith was named the Big11Ten offensive player of the week for a record 5th time this season. Somewhere out there, Mike Hart scoffs.
  • Dave Biddle of Bucknuts takes a look at who could be leaving early. I agree that Ginn is gone, but something tells me that Pittman is coming back. I think he can add some more bulk and put up even more impressive numbers next year when he's sure to get used more (even with Beanie getting his).
  • The Mighty MJD thinks that tOSU is already the national champion:
    There’s no one that deserves to play Ohio State for the national championship. In my mind, Ohio State has proved that they are the national champions, and if there’s one more game out there for them, it’ll either be against a team that doesn’t deserve the chance to play them because they didn’t go undefeated, or a team they’ve already beaten.
  • Great catch by The Best Damn Blog in the Land pointing out that the 2006 edition of The Game is already up on iTunes for download (link requires iTunes to work). That will be the best $1.99 you will ever spend in your life.