Feelin' the Illinoize

By Jason Priestas on November 4, 2006 at 5:46 pm

Jim TresselAP Photo/Seth Perlman

I can now say where I was when the most boring Buckeye football game in history took place. In surviving the Fighting Illini 17-10 earlier today, we can at least hang our hats on the fact that the Bucks probably survived the one big scare that every championship team inevitably overcomes, but not much else. How many of you thought that the game would come down to an onside kick? I certainly didn't. Perhaps Oller jinxed us?

The second half was easily the most uninspired football played by the Buckeyes all season. I think Jeff hit it on the head in calling The Vest out for being so conservative:

In the second half, Ohio State ran 10 plays on first down. NINE of them were handoffs to Pittman. The only remaining first down play? A three-yard pass to Pittman.

As my dad is fond of saying, "A win is a win." I suppose he's correct and I'm sure the response in the Buckeye blogosphere will be a bit more positive than the sky is falling that we are seeing from our friends up north.

Some random game thoughts..

  • The offense looked crisp and methodical early on. I liked the option look and the first scoring drive was pretty.
  • Does Beanie Wells sweat butter or vegetable oil? You tell me, because I can't beside between the two. Even the Patient One appears to have had enough with the fumbles.
  • Petrey's 50 yard field goal at the end of the first half was nice. It was wind-aided, but it's nice to know we have a long range option as we approach the money run.
  • Is there any possible way we can work out a trade to send Kerr to Illinois for J. Leman? That kid was impressive.