Buckeye Nation Invades the Windy City

By Jason Priestas on November 13, 2006 at 12:02 am

Just catching up from a crazy fun weekend in which we played hosts to friends from Columbus that were up to see the game. Thursday evening, we checked out Casey Moran's, billed as the "Officially Unofficial Buckeye Alumni Bar". Located just across the street from 3rd base at Wrigley Field, we came away impressed with the number of flat screens and wood paneling that combined for a sports bar in a country club look.

Friday, we ventured downtown and Michigan Avenue was teaming with Buckeye fans. They seemed to be everywhere and were taking in the sights of city. We played it low-key Friday night to prepare for a big day of tailgating.

Saturday morning, we caught breakfast at the Heartland Cafe before catching the Red Line north to Evanston. The CTA line was aptly named as it could have doubled as the Buckeye Express carrying fans from downtown to the game. We made our way to the Bluestone bar about a half a mile West of Ryan Field to fire up for the game. Buckeye fans packed the bar and stood 5 deep outside while drinking the bar out of beer before heading to the game.

Our seats were 10th row in the Southeast corner of the end zone the stadium was packed in a sea of red, effectively becoming Horseshoe North. The Buckeye faithful were rewarded with a convincing win, Ms. Eleven Warriors caught her first game and now all focus shifts towards Michigan.