Someone's Getting Nervous

By Jason Priestas on October 18, 2006 at 8:16 pm

The fine folks over at The M Zone got it going by comparing Ohio State's victory over Penn State with Michigan's victory over the Nittany Lions. Their post, entitled "When 17-10 is Better Than 28-6", tells us that UM was more physical, won on the road instead of home and many other things about why Michigan might be a better team than the Buckeyes. Men of the Scarlet and Gray step up with a comparison of each team's win over the Spartans, the only other common opponent for the two. Not surprisingly, MotSaG offer a lot more substance in backing up their claim. Ultimately, these comparisons are hard to do and ultimately don't mean a whole lot.

Buckeye Mob

I don't know about you, but seeing The M Zone come out with something like this took me back to those days when the shoe was on the other foot. Remember when a certain coach that couldn't beat his biggest rival would lead the Bucks to a loss in that all important end of the season clash? Remember how nervous we would all be because it seemed like the other team had our number and would ruin any hope we had of bigger aspirations? We used to do things like this to comfort ourselves. We'd compare games, margin of victories, and scoring defense. We'd compare kickoff return averages, count the number of All-Americans we had and so on. Those days are gone. With the best big game coach in America, Troy Smith and the home crowd we expect to win. And we will.