MyESPN - First Look

By Jason Priestas on October 19, 2006 at 5:58 pm
MyESPN Front Page

Deadspin points out ESPN's new customizable web start page. MyESPN, a web application similar to other high-flying start pages such as Netvibes, Pageflakes, Google IG many others, is only in beta and there has been no official announcement from the WWLiS, but by visiting the site, you can see that the functionality is already in good working order.

Just like the aforementioned start pages, you can customize pages, add tools and RSS feeds and pretty much control what information you choose to receive from ESPN. I particularly like the fact that the videos in the video widget don't autostart when loading the page. The lack of adds is refreshing, but I'm sure that won't last too long. Configuring page(s) is very easy to do and the layout options and themes look great. Overall, I think they nailed a lot of the small things that other start pages have trouble with.

For those of you that like your sports news piled high and thick, you can certainly take advantage of this to cover all of your bases. With the ability to add RSS feeds, you aren't even limited to ESPN content. Ultimately, it's not really fair to call this venture a true start page because a start page should provide more information (email, to-dos, calendars, weather, stocks) than what they're offering, but if you want a one-spot stop to get your sports news, you could do worse.

More screens below (click to enlarge):


UPDATE: Evidently the reason it appears so add-free for me is because of the wonderful Adblock extension for Firefox. If you're not running it or something similar, chances are you'll see a pretty large banner at the top of the page. Also, for my nerd readers, Ajaxian is reporting that they used the Behaviour/Prototype script libraries. After everything is said and done, your pulling down 20 JavaScript files for a whopping 483 kb!