More Tressel Props

By Jason Priestas on October 4, 2006 at 11:47 pm
2 Comments has college football power rankings that cover aspects of the game you don't normally see in your run-of-the-mill power rankings. Instead of rating the top X teams, these power rankings focus on positions and coaches. In the latest rankings, The Vest has moved ahead of Pete Carroll of USC in the head coach category. Other ranked Buckeyes:

  • Troy Smith, QB #1
    This is good, but I'm not so sure about JaMarcus Russell being ranked above Chad Henne.
  • Antonio Pittman, RB #11
    We all know Pitt should be ranked higher, but it's nice to see Garrett Wolfe checking in at #2 just behind Peterson.
  • Ted Ginn Jr., WR #7; Anthony Gonzalez, WR #21
    I have no beefs with #1 Calvin Johnson (the kid is a freak), but Gonzo should be getting more love here.
  • Quinn Pitcock, DL #10
    Pitcock could maybe be a nudge higher, but where's V-E-R-N?!!
  • James Laurinaitis, LB #8
    Not bad for a true sophomore, but putting Posluszny (#2) ahead of mate Connor (#3) is blasphemy.
  • Malcom Jenkins, DB #21
    Jenkins has been huge this season and should have been ranked ahead of the overrated Zbikowski (#15).
  • Ted Ginn Jr., Special Teams #1
    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm not sure Ginn has earned this spot this season. Granted, he's constantly kicked away from, but his return yards are down across the board.
  • Jim Bollman, Offensive Coordinator #8
    The fact that the Buckeye offense can run such diverse sets and plays to perfection should have Bollman higher here.
  • Jim Heacock, Defensive Coordinator #6
    How Gene Chizik (#2) is ahead of Heacock, when Heacock's younger defense outplayed Chizik's on the road is beyond my powers of comprehension.

Meanwhile, Stewie checks his mailbag to find readers from across the land curious about many of the same things Buckeye fans are curious about. For instance, has a #1 team ever beaten three #2s in the same season? (No.) And has #1 ever played #2 on the final weekend of the regular season? (Kind of.)

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