Memo to Tommy Tuberville

By Jason Priestas on October 7, 2006 at 3:00 pm
Darren McFadden

Quit complaining about the need for a playoff* in week 5 of the season. Quit making click-clack commercials. Start taking care of unraked teams in your conference.

Arkansas pushed around #2 Auburn this afternoon before winning 27-10. So much for that fast, physical Tiger defense. All of this on the road at Auburn and with a freshman quarterback. This including a game-clincing 7 minute fourth quarter drive that consisted of 11 rushing plays and no passes. Five sacks by the Razorback defense. See ya next year Tommy! You got some Houston Nutt in your eye!

*I do agree we need a playoff, but if you're a coach and calling for one, you better be calling for it in the offseason, not during the season when things don't appear to be lining up for your team.