California Dreamin'

By Jason Priestas on October 30, 2006 at 2:42 am

I am posting from beautiful Pacific Beach in San Diego as Ms. Eleven Warriors and myself are enjoying a much-needed vacation. Of the first dozen or so people I encountered on the beach, five were Buckeye fans decked out in full war gear on Saturday and it was good to chat about the game with such friendly faces. It was also nice to bring my Buckeye mojo out here and immediately hand USC their first loss of the season (further setting up the potential dream season where the Buckeyes beat UM twice in the same season). A -14 to -14 tie between West Virginia and Louisville will also help that cause, although I'm not sure that's likely.

Pacific Beach - San Diego

We have built a lot of flexibility into this trip to enable us to go with the flow of whatever we decide on any given morning, but hopefully I'll have the opportunity to knock out some of the better posts that have been idling in draft status.