Little Animal

By Jason Priestas on September 28, 2006 at 7:11 pm

SI has a great story out about James Laurinaitis and his famous pops. The original Animal will go incognito to games so his son gets the full stage, but is understandably proud:

"I could see the same walk he had when he was in high school when he owned the high school his senior year. He was like a man amongst boys in high school. He had that same swagger in his step."Joe Laurinaitis (on his son's demeanor at halftime of the Texas game)

Meanwhile, the coaching staff is seeing the same thing that fans are seeing and there is some movement in the linebacker 2-deep for this week. Curtis Terry will be replacing Marcus Freeman in the base set playing with Laurinaitis and Kerr(!?!!). The nickel will feature Little Animal and Freeman. It looks like Homan will steal more of Kerr's snaps this week, so we could be witnessing the end of John Kerr's tenure in the linebacker corps.