The Glenville Pipeline

By Jason Priestas on August 24, 2006 at 8:49 am

The Plain Dealer has a lengthy piece up about the Glenville Seven and the way the community has become Columbus North.

Led by Mel Tucker, the Cleveland recruiter at the time, and now on through assistant coach Tim Beckman, Ohio State has inked at least two Tarblooders each of the past four years, including Smith in 2002. It's to the point where even linebacker Pierre Woods, that first who got away and now is a rookie with the New England Patriots, has an affinity for Ohio State.

The seven could easily be the eight, with Whitner leaving early.

It's good to see that Tressel has dropped an anchor right in the middle of Cleveland. My youth is littered with nightmares of Wolverines from the Cleveland area (Grbac, Howard, Woodsen - okay, he's from Fremont, but it's close).