Happy Boss's Day: These 20 Corporate Networks Visit Eleven Warriors the Most

By Jason Priestas on October 16, 2017 at 10:57 am
Eleven Warriors on a MacBook

It's Boss's Day, which means you probably shouldn't even be reading this right now.

But you're here, anyway, so we thought we'd take a minute to honor bosses across the land with the top 20 corporate networks that send traffic to Eleven Warriors.

As the nation's largest dedicated team site, we're fortunate to receive visitors from all over, and the networks making an appearance on this list reflect the Ohio tilt of the site, while companies employing fans of Ohio State's greatest rival also make an appearance or three on the list, as well.

And now, the list...

No. Network   Visits this Year
1 The Ohio State University   244.116
2 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company   86,363
3 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.   74,071
4 Cardinal Health   69,411
5 U.S. Army (USAISC)   30,350
6 OhioHealth Corporation   29,611
7 Columbus Public Schools   24,731
8 U.S. Navy (NNIC)   24,411
9 Allegiance Healthcare   23,724
10 Department of Defense (DODNIC)   22,828
11 Huntington Bancshares   19,465
12 General Motors   18,454
13 GE Drive Systems   18,320
14 State Farm   15,305
15 L Brands   15,102
16 Ford Motor Company   14,844
17 Marriott International   14,763
18 National City   14,579
19 Department of Veteran Affairs   14,348
20 Fidelity Investments   13,614

A few quick notes: The top network, Ohio State, obviously includes student traffic as well as faculty, administrators, and other employees. We also get a ton of traffic from entities like Comcast Business Communications and Time Warner's equivalent, making it hard to determine the actual business behind the traffic. Finally, Marriott's traffic could very well include hotel guests.

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