By Johnny Ginter on August 20, 2014 at 9:15 am

Eight years ago some dudes met in a dank cave, far beneath the waters of the Olentangy River. After sacrificing several thralls to their blood-god Woody Hayes, the shrouded Founders joined hands and pressed a giant red button to officially bring forth Eleven Warriors dot com into the world.

In that first year of operation, 11W struggled to hit 100,000 page views. At the end of this year, we'll likely be closing in on 200 million all time. This website has gone from an obscure little backwater swamp of the Ohio State sports universe to a legitimate mover and shaker that has employees, interns, a kickass tailgate, and a mission to bring people sports information about the Buckeyes that is accurate, reliable, and free for anyone to read.

And that's thanks to you, the person reading this.

Without the support of the incredible Ohio State fanbase, we never would've been able to develop an 11W fanbase, and that's what keeps us going. You guys are awesome, and every new birthday that this site passes is a testament to your passion for the Buckeyes and your commitment to making this place great.

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