Why NW Players get a 6 figure salary... ALREADY!!!

Ask anybody who ever entered the real world... It sounds exhilarating, until the bills are due.  Life costs money, and Northwestern players want $$$.  Who can blame them?  They work very hard in a billion dollar industry and have zero income. Here's a solution.  Stop the freeb...
18 Apr 2014
by ziplock007 12 Comments

Illicit College Football

After reading the NY Times piece on Jameis Winston's rape allegations and the "Meet the Bag Man" story, I get a really sick feeling about FBS football and about the standards of morality in the South. And about institutions like the SEC, ESPN, etc. that condone it. This institutionalized cheati...
16 Apr 2014
by ibuck 5 Comments

Dorial Green-Beckham has been released Green-Beckham was the #1 rated recruit coming out of Hillcrest High School in Springfield, Missouri in 2011, it was pretty surprising that he chose Missouri and now a much more surprising piece of news h...

How Firm Thy Friendship

Well my friends, it's time to head on down the road. I don't know how many of you noticed that I did not post anything in my usual Wednesday 1:30 PM time slot this week, but the reason for it is because I'm leaving the site, and the world of blogging in general. It's been a good run. Jaso...
11 Apr 2014
by Joe Beale 22 Comments

2014 Ohio State Football Starting Projections and Analysis

After a 24 game winning streak including 2 victories over That Team Up North, the Buckeyes faltered in the big stage. Losses to Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game and Clemson in the Orange Bowl left a sour taste in Buckeye Nation’s mouth headed into the long offseason. But looking for...
24 Mar 2014
by nburns18 1 Comment

Wrestling: Big Ten Tournament Preview- Part 1

Preview by Curt Heinrichs This weekend, Madison, Wisconsin will play host to the toughest tournament in American sports (with apologies to Bellator, who claims to have the “toughest tournament in sports.” Bellator’s 4 and 8 man tournaments aren’t even close) as the Big Ten Wrestling Tourn...