Josh Sweat Dislocates Kneecap

ESPN is reporting that Josh Sweat has suffered a dislocated kneecap in a game on Friday September 19th.  Sweat is a top recruit who has the Buckeyes in his Top 5. He is a player that could help Ohio State or any program that he signs with.  Some recruiting services have him as the top recr...

The Ohio State Effect: Kent State

Another week and another opponent's stats get dumped. We all know that Ohio State defeated Kent State 66-0 in the Horseshoe on Saturday, but the Buckeyes dominated the stat sheet as well. It's always interesting to see how a team's stats change after playing Ohio State. Below you will b...
14 Sep 2014
by Remy

PSA: Blue Jeans Are Blue

Dear fellow Buckeye fans, let me ask you a very simple question:  Would you wear blue in Ohio Stadium during a Buckeye football game? I hope you answered No (or better yet, Hell No). That was the easy question.  Now let's get to the harder one.  Can any of you right-thinking ...
14 Sep 2014
by Menexenus

The Rundown: Kent State at No. 22 Ohio State

THE RUNNING START TV: Saturday, 12:00 ABC Regional 1967 was the last time Ohio State lost a home opener against an unranked opponent. I believe there would be very few readers of Eleven Warriors that attended that attended the 7-14. The Buckeyes finished 6-3, but defeated That Team 24-14 i...
10 Sep 2014
by Remy

The problem with success

A boss once told me "sometimes it is better to be able to consistently hit doubles than occasional home runs because if you hit several home runs people will always expect them even when it is nearly impossible." We are in this position with football. Make no mistake, expecting and working for ex...
07 Sep 2014
by osu78

Urban vs. Tressel Comparison Stats

Full Disclosure: I was extremely disappointed in the play calling last night, and like many of you wished to have seen more underneath/ screen routes. HOWEVER, Before everyone goes and decides to "Post Herman's resume to Monster", or petitions to fire Herman I figured I'd do a little research on ...

Buckeye Poetry: "Our Decision"

Friends, I have a zillion other things that I should be doing, but the muse struck me and I wanted to share what I'm feeling about the team at the moment.  I suspect that many of you feel the same way. Shakespeare came to mind (of course), in particular the St. Crispin's Day speech from Henr...

Observations from C-Deck

This was my fourth game within Ohio Stadium and my second night game (Penn State, 2013-Officially known in my kingdom as the Depantsing). The View I have typically been in A-Deck or B-Deck for most games and this was my first time in C (C3, row 11). This was by far my favorite view from Ohio S...

The Ohio State Effect: Virginia Tech

The second week of the season and playoff aspirations evaporate. Have your expectations for the 2014 season changed? It is early in the season and stats can be deceiving, especially when Virginia Tech's only game of the season was against William & Mary. However, it is still interestin...
07 Sep 2014
by Remy

VT: My 5 Things

1) Our offensive line is our achilles heel.  They were awful last night and we cannot move forward as a team until this gets fixed.  2) I like our new defense with one exception.  It seemed like we were constantly playing a soft zone on 3rd and long (shutters at the though of last ...
07 Sep 2014
by dustinccc