The Weekender: Arizona State is in Hot Water, Jimmy Kimmel Gets His Own Bowl Game, and the McCaffrey Family Dunks on Scott Frost

By 11W Staff on June 20, 2021 at 2:25 pm
Jimmy Kimmel has his own bowl game.
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Sun Devils in Hot Water

Turns out, Herm Edwards may not be a stickler for those pesky NCAA rules.

Arizona State is currently under investigation for allegations of violations related to the football program. Primarily, it seems that the NCAA is investigating whether Arizona State hosted high school prospects during the 15-month COVID-19 dead period.

And the evidence seems uh... rather damning.

Within the last month, an anonymous person sent a dossier of dozens of pages to the Arizona State athletic department. It included screenshots, receipts, pictures and emails related to numerous potential violations within Arizona State’s football program, according to sources.


The documentation includes specific evidence of multiple examples of high school prospects taking illicit on-campus recruiting trips to the Arizona State campus. Those came during the pandemic-inspired dead period that ended June 1. For more than a year prior, NCAA rules explicitly banned players from visiting on campus because of COVID-19. The dossier, according to sources, lays out pieces of both the players' trips to campus and how those trips were paid for.

Sources said members of the football program deliberately, blatantly and consistently broke rules related to hosting players during the dead period, including coach Herm Edwards meeting with recruits. A source added that the evidence included pictures of the visits, including Edwards with a recruit who ended up enrolling at ASU. “It’s clear whoever provided it had a ton of access and knowledge of the football program,” a source told Yahoo Sports. “The stuff in there wouldn’t be provided by anyone outside the football program.”


In perhaps the most extreme example of how normalized the illicit recruiting had become, one Bay Area prospect — who enrolled at a rival Pac-12 school — worked out with a position coach at a local park. The video of that workout was shot on a cell phone camera and then evaluated in an offensive staff meeting of more than a dozen coaches. Not only was the workout and visit against the rules, but the staffers evaluated the illegal workout on the illegal visit as if it were a recruit's high school game tape. The staff now must hope that same recruit and others like him don't detail their visits to the NCAA, which has leverage over the players' eligibility.

“The confusing part is why you’d put your career on a 17-year-old senior,” said one source.

I guess the one silver lining here is that the Sun Devils did land at least one of the prospects it broke the rules for, so I guess it was a success?

You play to win the game, after all.

The Jimmy Kimmel Bowl

It would seem that the bowl system has officially jumped the shark.

Mark your calendars; we will now have a December bowl game named after late-night talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel. Seriously.

Remember this when the College Football Playoff tries to tell you about the sanctity and tradition of bowl games in a few months when it rolls out its plans for a 12-game playoff that features a second round played in soulless neutral-site stadiums instead of on-campus sites.

Scott Frost Gets Dunked On

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost wasn't exactly shy or subtle about second-guessing quarterback Luke McCaffrey's decision to transfer from the program.

The problem is, Frost's house is made of very delicate glass. And the McCaffrey family was happy to redirect that stone.

In any normal scenario, you'd think that comments like this would hurt Nebraska's future recruiting efforts, but seeing as how the Huskers' 2022 class currently sits at a putrid No. 48 in the country, it can't really get that much worse anyway!


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Our resident football-knower Kyle Jones gives us a deep dive at what to expect from Oregon's offense when the Ducks head to Ohio Stadium in the fall.

Spoiler: there will be RPOs everywhere.

Teens Are Loving the Chance to Learn From Ryan Day

Some of the nation's top quarterbacks have made the trip to Columbus to attend one of Ohio State's high school football camps these past couple of weeks, which means the chance to learn from one of the top quarterback coaches in the game – and they're loving it.

What J.T. Tuimoloau's Commitment Would Mean for the Buckeyes

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