Ohio State Hires @Cubs to Run Social Media

By D.J. Byrnes on December 22, 2017 at 8:56 pm
Chicago Cubs
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Social media is critical to any institution in 2017, and Ohio State is no different.

On Friday, the social media director of the Chicago Cubs, Kevin Saghy, announced he was leaving to take a job at The Ohio State University.

Sources tell Eleven Warriors they're expecting Saghy to oversee the university's social media strategy, including athletics.

New York Times article in 2012 detailed Saghy's philosophy behind social media:

“If your focus is revenue and your content reflects that, I don’t believe that’s a wise strategy. That’s not why people are there. They’re there to converse. So we’ve taken the other approach where it’s definitely a priority for us, it’s something we track, and I can say from 2010 to last year, as we got more involved and offered better content on our platforms, we quadrupled our revenue. So we’re up about 300 percent.”

No matter your views on social media, it's critical to businesses in this day and age. Saghy, a graduate of Ohio Northern University, should feel right at home.

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