Campus Connection: Haverfield House

By David Wertheim on December 21, 2017 at 7:25 pm
Haverfield House
The Ohio State University

Welcome to Campus Connection, the only place where you'll see coverage of the Ohio State pottery club or chess team throughout the interwebs.

While recent Campus Connections have spotlighted the nicer dormitories at Ohio State, this one will focus on one of the more "rustic:" Haverfield House.

The former home of 11w's own Johnny Ginter, Haverfield House is a four-story dormitory which features suite-style dorms.

One of the few to do so, Haverfield also features superdoubles, which are traditional dorm rooms that also include a personal bathroom. The three/four person suite-style rooms also feature a personal bathroom and all rooms have air conditioning, instituted in recent renovations. 

Another unique feature of Haverfield is that sexes are separated by floor, rather than by wing, as is common in most dorms. 

From College Confidential

The dorm rooms themselves are standard, somewhat dated but clean and adequate. It is a 4 story dorm, not huge, and on north campus. Good location for classes and close to high street. The dorm is quiet, does not seem to be a big party dorm, but is social. 

Overall, Haverfield is certainly one of the more unique dorms on campus due to the superdoubles, its exterior, and its proximity. Stay tuned for next week's Campus Connection when we look at the former residence of Ramblin' Man Andy Vance, Scott House.

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