Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Rounds Out Its Defensive Coaching Staff With An Eye Toward Getting Back to the Playoff

By Andy Vance on January 18, 2022 at 3:49 pm
Kerry Coombs

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Larry Johnson, the best to ever coach his position group at the collegiate level, is the last man standing on one of the worst-performing defensive staffs in Ohio State history. Kerry Coombs and Al Washington are gone, and Perry Eliano and Tim Walton are in, rounding out new defensive coordinator Jim Knowles' on-field brain trust.

For a team that only lost two games and that is fresh off a Rose Bowl victory over a highly-ranked team, completely blowing up a unit might seem like overkill... at any program other than Ohio State or Alabama and maybe one or two others among the bluest of blue bloods.

But when the expectations on your program are pretty much "natty or bust" every single year? Well, money talks and bullshit walks, to borrow a phrase from the common vernacular.

This week The Dubcast analyzes Ryan Day's recent hires, talks about the increased juice Marcus Freeman's recent hires bring to the season opener versus Notre Dame, and how we feel about Ohio State's chances to get back to the mountaintop.

Plus, Ask Us Anything (which, as always, you can do by emailing us at dubcast@elevenwarriors.com) asks what movies we'll watch every time they're on, recruiting misses that piss us off, and if we could date the perfect woman if she were a Michigan fan???


0:00 The defensive coaching staff has a lot of new faces. Let's discuss!

13:25 Al Washington was unemployed for about 17 seconds, as news broke that he would join Marcus Freeman's staff at Notre Dame seemingly hours after it was announced he was leaving Columbus. That season opener has a lot of juice now!

16:38 Will the Michigan game have the same kind of juice next season... if Jim Harbaugh is coaching in the NFL? Sidebar: Kirk Ferentz will be coaching at Iowa until the end of time.

31:00 The Big Ten announced some schedule changes for 2022, which should benefit the Buckeyes, all things considered.

38:57 Big Thanos is coming back, so new offensive line coach Justin Frye will have plenty of talent to work with his first year at Ohio State.

41:10 Ask us anything! Let's talk about our will-always-watch movie picks, recruiting misses, and if we could have dated a fan of... That Team Up North???

58:04 Quick Cals: Ohio State's basketball team turned in its worst three-point shooting performance in three seasons at Wisconsin and ground out a defensive victory versus Penn State.

And that'll do it! Thanks as always to Travis for the cool, cool logo, thanks to you for listening and checking out the Dry Goods store, and we'll see you next week!

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