Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State's Offense Looks Like the Best In The Country, and the Defense Suddenly Looks Relatively Competent

By Andy Vance on October 12, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Brutus Buckeye: Stylin' and Profilin'

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After taking a game off to rest a dinged-up shoulder, Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud has blossomed into a true Heisman contender. Combined with a trio of best-in-class wide receivers and freshman phenom running back TreVeyon Henderson, Stroud's offense certainly looks like the best in the country.

While the offense was never truly a concern this season, the Buckeye defense was a big ol' question mark. The seismic shift of relegating Kerry Coombs to the press box and giving Matt Barnes playcalling duties appears to have paid off handsomely for Ryan Day, as the defense held its last three opponents to just 37 points after giving up 86 in their first three outings.

With three complete games in a row against bad to middling teams, the obvious question is: How sustainable is the dominance Ohio State has shown over the past three weeks?

This week the Dubcast tackles that question, along with the age-old question, "Is Michigan back?" (Spoiler alert: el oh el.)

Plus: Ask Us Anything (which you can do at dubcast@elevenwarriors.com) wants to know what package we want Ryan Day to run just for giggles, and if NIL or gambling will have a bigger effect on college football in the future.


0:00 Ohio State did it again! Two Three weeks of dominance in a row! C.J. Stroud is now a certified Heisman contender, and the offense looked "darn near perfect."

15:05 Alabama came up short at Texas A&M, and it's been fun to watch some big-name teams stumble in what's looking more and more like a chaos year in college football.

19:20 Bill Connelly at ESPN says Ohio State's "fatal flaw" is its pass defense. The Dubcast strenuously objects, actually. Also, do Nebraska, Michigan State and Penn State really have three of the best quarterbacks in the country?

27:30 The Dubcast is not quite convinced that Ohio State's revamped defense is legit yet. Things are definitely trending in the right direction, but counterpoint: Akron, Rutgers, Maryland.

38:43 Ask Us Anything wants to know how we'd like to see Ryan Day troll everyone schematically, and which will have a bigger impact on college sports in the future: NIL or gambling.

54:45 It's officially a bye week. Programming note: next week we'll welcome schememaster Kyle Jones to the Dubcast. Send us your questions!

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