Eleven Dubcast: Examining Ohio State's Star-Rich Roster, Discussing the Big Ten's New Alliance, and Our CFP and Heisman Predictions

By Andy Vance on August 24, 2021 at 2:50 pm
C.J. Stroud

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We're almost there Friends – just nine days separate you from the return of Ohio State football.

This week the Dubcast prepares to bask in the glory of a (relatively?) normal college football season by examining the obscene collection of talent Ryan Day has assembled in Columbus. Did you know, for example, the this year's Buckeye roster is a hair's breadth from having more five-star recruits than three-stars?

We'll also discuss the Big Ten's newly-unveiled COVID policy and alliance with the Pac-12 and ACC (Editor's note: this week's episode was recorded less than 12 hours prior to the three conferences' joint press conference Tuesday afternoon), as well as what COVID-testing could or should look like this season.

Then we'll dig into the really fun stuff: Our preseason predictions for which four teams make the College Football Playoffs this year, and who we think takes home this year's Heisman Trophy. Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments.

Plus we'll finish up, as always, with Ask Us Anything, (which you can always do by emailing your questions to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com).


0:00 Ohio State opens its season just nine days from today. The Big Ten released its COVID-forfeit policy, and we'll discuss what COVID might mean for football this season.

5:24 The Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC announced "an historic alliance" Tuesday afternoon. This episode was recorded prior to the announcement, but that didn't stop us from discussing the merits of the proposal and how it might shift the landscape. Oh, and how bad are things for the Big XII right now?

12:05 Ohio State's roster this season may be one of the most talented in history. Did you know that 60% of this year's team are four-star recruits? We'll discuss the talent pool and the depth of talent among the younguns.

18:10 Four Buckeyes were named Preseason All-Americans by the Associated Press, and Ryan Day announced his six captains this season.

25:00 Who's in??? We offer our predictions for this year's College Football Playoff field, as well as for who wins the Heisman Trophy.

47:13 Ask Us Anything! Questions this week include our favorite steamy hot beverages.

54:05 Quick Cals: Six former Buckeyes made the NFL Top 100, and Ohio State is building a brand new Lacrosse Stadium.

Thanks as always to Travis for the logo, thank you for listening and if you're thinking about what t-shirt you'd like tattooed on your carcass, check out the Dry Goods Store. We'll see you next week!