Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Asks Student Athletes to Pretend for a Moment That Theirs is an Equal Partnership

By Johnny Ginter on June 16, 2020 at 2:50 pm
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To be clear, we on the Dubcast don't think that there's anything intentionally malicious on the part of Ohio State in asking students to sign a waiver/pledge to participate in sports. It's ham-fisted, sure, but not awful.

The problem with this whole endeavor (and what makes it feel a little skeezy) is that Ohio State, by trying to act like this is kind of an agreement among friends, willfully ignores the inherently unequal power dynamic between student athletes and their coaches/university. Is it a legal document? Maybe! It may not be "legally binding" but it kind of looks like one and requires minors to have their parents sign it with them, in addition to being an explicit statement about health and safety from a public institution!

Either way, it's weird, and we talk about it this week. Plus some more movie chat and Ask Us Anything makes its glorious return (and you can contribute by sending us questions via e-mail or Twitter)! If that all sounds good to you, please don't forget to rate and subscribe to us via iTunes/Spotify/etc. It's a good time, so check it out!

0:00 Okay, I'll admit, the football action in The Replacements is just godawful.

5:57 Weird that you need physical documentation of a "pledge," hmmmm...

24:24 People are using their voices. That's a good thing. Also a salute to Jack Hanna!

42:00 Ask Us Anything wants to know when sports made us feel old for the first time.

And that'll do it! Thanks to you as always for listening and checking out the Dry Goods store, thanks to Travis for the cool logo, and we'll see you all next week!

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