Eleven Dubcast: BTN's Tom Dienhart on How Far Ohio State Can Go in the NCAA Tournament

By Johnny Ginter on March 7, 2018 at 3:05 pm
Ohio State men's basketball player CJ Jackson and coach Chris Holtmann

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It's been too long since Ohio State men's basketball went dancing, and I think that a lot of us are understandably a little giddy about it. Five seed, six seed, 15 seed... it honestly doesn't matter to me all that much at this point, because the NCAA tournament is an important milestone that the Buckeyes have reached.


They've gotta win a game. That would seal the deal. Just one. Show that you're back, even a little bit. This week Tom Dienhart from BTN.com joins us to talk about just how realistic that one win is (very), and his view on the Big Ten tournament as a whole. There are very few people with the kind of perspective that Tom has, and it's great to hear his perspective on everything.

Plus, football is back! Kind of! Practice just started, so we look at the biggest story of spring camp, and of course, Ask Us Anything wants to know who would babysit for us from the Ohio State football team. Send us your childcare-related questions via e-mail or Twitter, and please don't forget to rate and subscribe to the Dubcast on iTunes!

0:00 Football! It's kind of a mirage, but it's back for a little bit and with it comes months of speculation and tea leaf reading.

11:20 Penn State beat the Buckeyes. Again. We desperately don't want it to mean anything, and maybe it doesn't, but man does that suck out loud.

19:08 Tommy D rolls into the Dubcast, and he's back from New York City with some exceedingly spicy basketball takes, and some good news if you like getting past the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.

35:15 Ask Us Anything reminds me in a sideways manner that baseball is coming up. Hell yes.

And that'll do it! Thanks for listening and checking out the Dry Goods Store, thanks to Travis for our logo, and we'll see you guys next week as we chew our nails off about how Ohio State got seeded!

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