Eleven Dubcast: Maurice Clarett is Working Hard for the Kids and Families of Youngstown, and You Can Help

By Johnny Ginter on March 29, 2017 at 3:05 pm
Former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett

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There's a lot that's different about this edition of the Eleven Dubcast. We've got Ramzy Nasrallah, your friend and mine, guest hosting for Beau who is currently getting deep into Californian surfer culture, Johnny Utah-style.

But what's really different and important here is our guest. We've had Maurice Clarett on the Dubcast a few times, but this is probably the most important interview he's done with us. This week he introduces us to the Red Zone, a counseling and outpatient care facility that he runs in the Youngstown area that provides a wide variety of services to those in need from his hometown, from drug counseling to educational support for area children. It's this kind of effort that shows the potential of people to heal a city like Youngstown, and I'm really glad that Clarett shared this with us.

You can help support Youngstown kids directly by helping to fund Clarett's "Every Kid Deserves A Bike" program, directed at giving Youngstown students an opportunity to get to school, even when life throws some difficulties their way. It's all part of getting kids to where they need to be in life, and Maurice Clarett is doing everything he can to help make that happen. Big thanks to him for coming on and talking about his work, and please consider helping out the kids of Youngstown.

Plus, Ask Us Anything (which we encourage you to do via e-mail or Twitter) very presciently talks about karma, and if you liked today's program, please don't forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes!

0:00- Spring practice and the NFL draft are at the forefront of our brainpans, as I cast immense amounts of shade on Browns fans for no reason at all.

25:11- Maurice Clarett is easily one of the most interesting people I've ever talked to, and I'm really glad that we can help support his efforts in Youngstown.

41:00- Ask Us Anything ponders an existential quandary and also ponders the fate of the Final Four. Go Zags, I guess?

And that's the Dubcast for this week! Thanks to Travis for our sweet logo, thanks to Maurice and Ramzy for helping me out this week, and thanks to you for listening. Check out our Dry Goods Store while you wait for the next episode, and we'll see you then!

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