Eleven Dubcast: Scoonie Penn Joins the Show to Dissect the Ups and Downs of the Ohio State Men's Basketball Season

By Johnny Ginter on February 22, 2017 at 3:05 pm
Ohio State basketball legend Scoonie Penn

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Scoonie Penn is not a man to mince words. He is a brutally honest dude who will give you his unvarnished opinion every time that it is asked for, in usually the most interesting way possible.

This week on the Eleven Dubcast, we got him to pontificate about Thad Matta and company for over thirty freaking minutes in a wide-ranging conversation that covered recruiting, Thad Matta, job security, the perception of the program, and Scoonie's frankly kickass new barbershop on 12th that you should check out. There's an AAU story in there that really needs to be heard by the masses, and totally caught us off guard.

You're probably not going to agree with everything he says, but the guy is fun as hell to listen to. You know, in a jovial, fun way that makes you want to enjoy sports, not a hate-listen way that makes you wish you were sequestered in a 14th-century Himalayan convent.

Anyway, that's awesome, so Beau and I get to that, plus a little Terrelle Pryor conversation and of course, Ask Us Anything, which you can do either via e-mail or on Twitter.

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0:00- Over thirty minutes of an epic conversation with James Donell "Scoonie" Penn, as he covers pretty much every Ohio State basketball topic you can think of. Also: hair.

31:10- Terrelle Pryor got some subtle shade thrown at him by the Ohio State media department. Hasn't the dude paid his penance?

40:40- Ask Us Anything is clearly preoccupied with chasing the winter(?) blues away.

Hope you enjoyed that one, and we'll keep trying for more surprises as we get closer and closer to the offseason. If you want to help support the Eleven Dubcast, you can send me an e-mail here or hit up our Dry Goods Store. Special thanks as always to Travis for our logo, and we'll see you next week!

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