Eleven Dubcast: After a Significant Loss to Michigan State, Ohio State Men's Basketball Has Some Tough Choices to Make

By Johnny Ginter on February 16, 2017 at 3:05 pm
Tom Izzo watches his team take on Ohio State

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Tom Izzo is eternal. It's weird; sometimes you look at Sparty basketball in December and start writing their epitaph, smugly noting that Izzo is old and busted and maybe it's finally time for the dude to hang up whatever it is that basketball coaches hang up.

And then, like clockwork, Michigan State gets better. Usually a lot better, in fact, and by March, Michigan State makes a run in the Big Ten tournament and in March Madness and subsequently everyone looks dumb for doubting Tom Izzo.

Right now that's the Thad Matta ideal. Matta's dream of becoming another Coach K is far, far out of reach; the best that he can muster right now is something like a Bo Ryan on a regular basis. But if Matta can figure out the magic juice that can get him on Tom Izzo's level, he might be able to save his job, and that's what we start this week's Dubcast out with.

In addition Beau and I talk about a little college basketball media dust-up and get to your questions for Ask Us Anything! You can ask us anything either here or here, and don't forget to subscribe and rate on iTunes!

0:00- Ohio State (and Marc Loving) looked competitive against Maryland and Sparty, but "competitive" doesn't mean the same thing as "victorious."


22:45- The Big Ten kind of sucks at basketball, guys. We're not sure why, or how to fix it, but we thought we'd mention it.

33:20- Ask Us Anything reveals that had I followed my heart as an athlete, I would've been miserable for the larger part of 2003-2007.

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