Eleven Dubcast: Spring Game Recap with Eric Seger

By Johnny Ginter on April 20, 2016 at 3:05 pm

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Saying goodbye is always rough, no matter what the context. With a few exceptions due to illness, Michael and I had done about 75 straight Dubcasts together, a streak that ended last month with his last show. It's a bittersweet end, because even though I know that he's now able to concentrate a lot more on his family, health, and personal projects, it stinks because he was such a great partner.

The Eleven Dubcast has been going on since late 2011, and Michael Citro helped preside over our period of greatest growth and evolution. I'm proud to have been his podcast bro for all this time, and I know you're going to miss him as much as I will.

But! The Dubcast goes on, and in the coming weeks and months we hope to bring you a lot of fun surprises and changes. I'm really excited about the direction that we're going to try and take the show, and we'll definitely be looking for input from you guys too.

So let's get to it! This week, Eric Seger comes on to talk to us about the Ohio State spring game, the NFL draft, and oh hey, there's still that incredible Ask Us Anything segment (which you can do via Twitter or by email).

Here's how this week shook out:

0:00- Adieu, Michael Citro! A true bro, and you're going to be missed.

3:31- Our very own Eric Seger drops by to talk about the Ohio State spring game! FRESH MEAT!

19:05- Satellite camps are probably the devil, is what I've heard, and will surely destroy the fabric of America.

27:05- Ask Us Anything! I go all in on Darren Rovell, and other professional troll artists.

43:50- The Boston Marathon remains cool as heck.

So that is the Dubcast for this week! Thanks again to Eric for filling in, and while we'll be off next week, we'll have an NFL Draft special for you guys the following week before officially burrowing our heads in offseason mode. See you then!

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