Eleven Dubcast: 97.1 The Fan's Tim Hall Talks Braxton and Sandwiches

By Johnny Ginter on July 29, 2015 at 3:05 pm

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A boring summer in the college football world is a good summer. No injuries, no citations for public urination, a giant commit from a consensus top five recruit, a logical position change that makes one of the best offenses in the country even better, and maybe a quarterback publicly hitting on a world champion UFC fighter... honestly, all that plus a nice cool glass of lemonade is really all that I need to make it through the summer.

The summer may not stay as exquisitely boring as I hope, but for today at least, we can discuss the minutiae of what Braxton's switch to H-back and what Nick Bosa brings to the table for 2016 while also reveling in the glory that is No Other Interesting News.

To help us with this, we brought on 97.1 The Fan's Tim Hall to talk a little football and answer a very important question about sandwiches. Tim co-hosts the Buckeye Extra show with our good friend Beanie Wells (I mean, yes, we've only talked to him that one time but in the interwaves podcasting game that practically makes us blood brothers), and they get into all manners of pop culture topics as well as a great breakdown of Buckeye info. Tim was an excellent guest, and we'll have to have him back on soon.

Also we did Ask Us Anything! It was great, as per usual. If you want to get in on that, just hit us up on Twitter or via email. We can answer literally anything that you heart desires.

0:00- Braxton's big move, who should be the starting QB (and who will end up being the starting QB), and a little Nick Bosa talk.

23:00- Ask Us Anything! Can Butter Urban Meyer save Purdue from themselves?!?! No.

36:49- Tim Hall: big fan of the Beanie Wells physique. It's like a dad bod, but much less embarrassing.

59:41- Hype up recruits forever. FOREVER.

SPECIAL DUBCAST ANNOUNCEMENT! We're going to go back to weekly shows starting August 26th, so hold on to your butts, because this train keeps rolling all the way through basketball season. See you guys soon.

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