Eleven Dubcast: Navy Wrap and a Look Ahead to the Virginia Tech Hokies

By Michael Citro on September 3, 2014 at 3:05 pm
The Eleven Dubcast

We've got a game under our belts now and it's time to hit our groove. 

Or is it? What can we really learn from playing a team like Navy?

Well, whatever it is, Johnny and I are here to break it down as much as we dare. We've got your complete Navy wrap-up as we bid farewell to the Midshipmen.

Following our famous "Ask Us Anything" segment, in which listeners are encouraged to do just that by hitting us up on Twitter or emailing to elevendubcast@gmail.com, we discuss the College Football Playoff and various food-related questions. These were a hot topic this week and Johnny has some strong opinions.

We're also joined by The Key Play staff writer Brian Marcolini to talk about Saturday night's upcoming first-ever meeting with the Virginia Tech Hokies. Brian tells us a bit about what to expect from Beamer Ball and dishes on the Hokies' season-opening win over William & Mary.

Here's how it went down:

0:25- Johnny and I relive the magic of the season opener against the Naval Academy in Baltimore and it's kind of like, "We told ya so!"

15:55- Ask Us Anything! And you did. This week, we get Johnny really up in arms about cookies and hot dog toppings, as well as the College Football Playoff.

33:42- Brian Marcolini joins the Dubcast to tell us the deep dark secrets of Beamer Ball.

52:38- We lend a hand to our armed forces academies.

This week our musical selections are "Gold on the Ceiling" by The Black Keys and "Day of the Eagle" by Robin Trower.

We'll be back same time next week!

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