Skull Session: Justice Sueing Still Isn't Healthy, Competing With Ohio State's Recruiting is "Not Realistic," and Brian Hartline Wants Helmet Radio

By Kevin Harrish on June 29, 2022 at 4:59 am
Justice Sueing still isn't completely healthy in today's skull session.

Y'all think Brian Hartline would have recruited Brian Hartline, if he had the chance?

I think I know my answer...

Word of the Day: Impetuous.

 “MAKING PROGRESS.” The plan for this upcoming season has always appeared to be for Justice Sueing to essentially serve as the team's anchor offensively, which would be cool and good because I don't think we've ever really gotten to see him at his best.

The problem is, even after missing pretty much the entire season last year, he's still not ready to play just yet.

The good news is, it's still June and the season doesn't start until late November. But the fact that he's still sidelined by an injury that the team initially thought he'd return from before the end of last season doesn't seem like good news.

 NO COMPETITION. It's easy for a Buckeye fan to put their blinders on and get numb to just how absurd Ohio State's recruiting success has been over the past decade.

So, here's a reminder that for most of the Big Ten the honest answer for how to compete with Ohio State on the recruiting trail is simply "we can't."

Again, as Iowa is ironing out its NIL collective and what the plan will be in the future, Ferentz isn’t suddenly under the impression that the Hawkeyes are fighting a losing recruiting battle against a program like Ohio State.

“Ohio State had two first-round draft picks in the (2023 NFL draft), two first-round receivers this past year. You could argue they’ve got the best quarterback in the country right now and you could also, at least I’ve heard NFL people say, the best receiver is coming back. So, potentially that was three first-rounders they had playing for them out there with a great quarterback.

“We aren’t in that neighborhood. That’s probably not realistic based on the last 20 years. It’s not realistic to think that we’re going to be in that neighborhood. So, you know, they’re doing what’s best for them and we’re trying to do what’s best for us. The ultimate objective is to try to win and find the best way to win, and that’s a combination of offense, defense and special teams, you know, just playing good, complementary football. That’s our, in my estimation, our best chance to be successful,” (Kirk) Ferentz said.

Of course, what Ferentz politely fails to mention is that the recruiting rankings did not matter even a little bit the last time the two teams competed on the actual football field and the Hawkeyes slapped Ohio State around 55-24.

Turns out, even if you have all the talent in the world, you still have to play the game.

 WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? Brian Hartline is out here asking the question I've been wondering for years – where the hell is the in-helmet communication in college football?

For what it's worth, there are apparently some logistical, financial and player-safety reasons why it hasn't happened yet.

... but there's also this.

Another concern among some SEC coaches wasn’t expressed publicly but has been suspected privately: Headsets would eliminate the ability to steal signals. The concept of stealing signals is an open secret in coaching, and some programs have elaborate operations. In a sport in which most rule changes benefit the offense, this could put the sides on the same level of an issue.

Told of that suspicion, David Shaw said it was comforting to hear someone admit that stealing signals exists. Bielema brought it up as well.

“There are certain places that put a premium on stealing signals, and that gets some people known as great play callers, but you can be a great play caller if you know what the other team is doing,” Shaw said. “For me, this is one of those balancing things. You might not be able to get all the information you want, now you have to call the game with some doubt and trust in your preparation and your players.”

I imagine a guy like Brent Venables is doing everything humanly possible to keep this from happening anytime soon.

 GIVING BACK. Whether it's shoes, cleats, apparel or whatever else he can think of, Michael Thomas loves to give back to the New Orleans youth. And it looks like he's got himself a new giving project.

I love the addendum of "delivery unavailable." He doesn't want to haul all those weights around himself? Sounds like he's taking the lazy way out, in my opinion! (I say this as a blogger who would probably have trouble lifting a single one of those plates)

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Chicken Tenders" by Dominc Fike.

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