Skull Session: Luke Wypler Didn't Allow a Sack, Coaches Recall Wild Recruiting Visits, and Sooner Players Roast Alex Grinch

By Kevin Harrish on May 31, 2022 at 5:45 am
Luke Wypler is smiling in today's skull session.

This catcher is my new hero.

Word of the Day: Abscond.

 YOU SHALL NOT PASS. At this time last year, Luke Wypler probably no idea he was end up as Ohio State's starting center just a few months later.

But all things considered, he performed damn well when his number was called, not so much as allowing a single sack.

This is at least the third time I've seen this exact stat for a different Ohio State offensive lineman – Paris Johnson Jr. is in the sackless club, too along with Matthew Jones.

I'm certainly not mad about it! Let's see them do it for another season.

 THE THINGS YOU DO FOR TEENS. There aren't many things a coach wouldn't do to land a top recruit, but apparently eating a crawfish whole is where one coach drew the line.

What do you mean eat the whole thing?

I was at a recruit’s house in Louisiana, and I get this plate of rice with gumbo and a big, whole crawfish sitting on top. I like crawfish, so I snap it and eat the tail, but the mom is still kind of staring at me like, “Go on.” Eventually, it becomes clear they expect me to eat the crawfish whole. So, I kind of play it off. I’m nibbling on the claws and giving them the thumbs up like, “Yeah, it’s great.” Well, at some point the mom and recruit get up and leave the room for something, and I grab the crawfish and throw it in a trash can by the kitchen table as fast as I can. They came back in, and I was like, “Mmm, that was great.”

We never talked about it again, but I know they found that crawfish in the trash can. We got the kid, though.

The Athletic compiled a rather lengthy list of recruiting visits from Hell with stories including a jungle cat, "the Shaquille O'Neal of Pit Bulls," nearly bursting bowels, an exploding TV, and a literal Cowboy.

I'm just gonna go right ahead and assume that 85% of these tales took place in SEC country.

 MR. GRINCH. Turns out, Alex Grinch is viewed pretty much the same in Norman, Oklahoma as he is in Columbus, Ohio – not well!

Former Oklahoma defensive lineman Perrion Winfrey hasn't exactly been shy about his thoughts on his former defensive coordinator (who is now at USC), and he took to Twitter on Monday to deliver another jab.

And current Sooner defensive tackle Isaiah Coe even joined in!

The jokes on all of us though – dude just got promoted *again* and got paid to move to Southern California.

Nobody on the planet has fallen up harder than Alex Grinch. At this point, I fully expect him to somehow be a Power Five head coach by the next few seasons.

 GOOD TRY, GOOD EFFORT! There's an entire genre of bad Tweets that teams push out on very serious holidays. We can thank USC for this year's.

Now, to be completely fair, this could have been much worse – it's definitely not even in the same category as Florida State's MLK Tomahawk Chop Tweet from a few years ago, for example.

But putting Chinese jets on a graphic for a holiday honoring fallen American soldiers is still, at best, point-and-laugh worthy.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Daylight" by Vory.

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