Skull Session: Joe Burrow Talks Leaving Ohio State, Teradja Mitchell Thinks of Perfect NIL Deal, and Chris Olave Tries Crawfish

By Kevin Harrish on May 27, 2022 at 5:20 am
Teradja Mitchell has an awesome mouthguard in today's skull session.

NIL is good and perfect, actually.

Word of the Day: Convivial.

 “I SAW THE WRITING ON THE WALL.” I think we've all kind of pieced together the story of why Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State, but I'm not sure I've ever heard it very directly from Joe until now.

Turns out, we were pretty much all spot on. He broke his hand and Dwayne Haskins played extremely well against Michigan – the writing was on the wall.

But he had absolutely no hard feelings towards Ohio State or Buckeye fans.

It's kind of wild just how easy it is for a guy to leave Ohio State for a better opportunity elsewhere and still stay on good terms with Buckeye fans and his former team. More guys should try that! It seems to have worked out well for him!

 THE PERFECT NIL DEAL. Teradja Mitchell is a creative thinker.

While all his teammates are snagging endorsement deals with car dealerships, he's dreamed up the real crown jewel of NIL deals.

My guy's about to be the only player in the world marketing his services to OPEC and I wouldn't even pretend to knock the hustle.

 EMBRACING NOLA. It's a safe bet that Chris Olave didn't encounter too many crawfish between southern California and central Ohio, but it looks like he's getting more than his fair share now.

... he just needs a little help digging in.

Here's hoping the actual footballing comes a little more natural to him down there than the crawfish.

 MAKING HISTORY. I realize that I'm extremely #blessed to never have to worry about whether or not the Ohio State game is going to be on the television.

And this year, the Buckeyes are sharing the love and helping Toledo make a little program history in the process.

I know there was a significant bit of eye-rolling when this kickoff time was announced, but personally, I'm all for it. I mean, a K'Vaughan Pope Dallas Gant revenge game deserves nothing less than a primetime slot.

Given that the whole "stay on good terms with Ohio State" thing has more than sailed for him at this point, I hope he leans all the way into it and goes through warmups with a "Fucc Ohio State" shirt, because that would be all kinds of legendary.

(I stand corrected – Dallas Gant is the one in Toledo, but he can still rock a "Fucc Ohio State" shirt in solidarity with K'Vaughn Pope.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Heartbreak Weather" by Niall Horan.

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