Skull Session: Nicholas Petit-Frere Claps Back at Taylor Lewan, Ohio State vs. Notre Dame Prices Soar, and Jon Diebler Embraces Spices

By Kevin Harrish on May 26, 2022 at 4:59 am
There's a football in today's skull session.

The good news of the day: Tyvis Powell could be coming soon to a TV near you.

Word of the Day: Impetuous.

 KEEP THAT CULTURE. Taylor Lewan accidentally just revealed the secret to his long, successful NFL career – ditching everything Michigan had to offer him as soon as he was drafted into the league.

What he doesn't seem to realize is that some programs actually set you up for success, and you want to keep that culture with you.

Lewan left Michigan without a single Big Ten title, just one bowl win in five years, a single win over Ohio State, and just one season with double-digit wins. It's no wonder the dude was eager to cut ties.

 GET THAT REVERSE MORTGAGE. If you're planning to be in the 'Shoe when the Buckeyes open the season against Notre Dame in a few long months, you best start saving now because it looks like tickets are going to cost you a small fortune.

On Seatgeek, tickets on Thursday ranged from tickets at $285 each for seats at the top of the stadium to $8,767 each for front-row tickets near the 50-yard line. 

StubHub tickets range from $336 to over $7,500 for mid-field club seats at the game. 

Ticketmaster offers similar deals, with tickets ranging from $345 to $5,299.

It's times like these when I feel nothing but blessed that God invented cable and Internet.

I love the 'Shoe, but if I absolutely must pay less money to sit on my own couch in front of an HD television while I drink much cheaper beer and I don't have to wait in a line to use the restroom, I guess that's a sacrifice I'll have to make.

 CONGRATS, JON! It looks like Jon Diebler took a big step in life this week, so let's all give him the applause he deserves.

There are about a dozen hilarious things here (the 832 unread messages, the Drake meme, the fact that they really bullied this man for 15 years for not seasoning his food), but I think the "Petty" group chat takes the crown for me.

Also, Evan – embrace simply leaving people on read when you don't want to reply instead of racking up unread messages. It's liberating. 

 TIL – THERE ARE $4,000 PENS. There are plenty of things in life that I openly accept that I will just never understand, but I think just found a new one.

I'm keen on designer clothing. I know about expensive handbags and sunglasses. I've even come to accept that jpegs of poorly drawn monkeys can be bought and sold for several millions. But until now, I had no idea that there were pens that cost more than my first car.

This pen, as far as I can tell, retails for anywhere between $3,650 and $4,000, making it more expensive than literally anything I personally own.

I'm not here to shame somebody for their choice in luxuries – I have a periwinkle cat shirt that I spent a hefty sum of money purchasing recently – I just had no idea that boujie pens were even a thing.

In any case, a nice pen is probably a solid investment anyway. I have a feeling he's going to be signing a lot of autographs in the near future.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Bonfire" by Childish Gambino.

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