Skull Session: Chances Quinn Ewers Actually Plays, Jordan Fuller Gets the Green Dot on His Helmet, and Buckeyes Claim First Metal

By Kevin Harrish on July 30, 2021 at 4:59 am
Ryan Day is having some fun in today's skull session.

Not going to lie, this is such a great Tweet.

The only way it would have been better is if they tagged the Big 12.

Word of the Day: Velleity.

 BUT WILL HE PLAY? If this whole wild turn of events plays out how it seems to be trending, Quinn Ewers could be a Buckeye by like, next week.

If that happens, the next question is whether or not he could seriously earn playing time or even the starting job after just a few weeks with the team when he should have been a high school senior.

The answer is, as you'd expect, almost certainly not. But that has nothing to do with his talent.

For all the talk about Ewers being the “perfect recruit,” at last month’s Elite 11 camp in California, there was a reality to this story: High school seniors-to-be don’t just walk in three weeks before the start of a season and win starting jobs over three guys who have been in college a bit longer.

“I think arm talent-wise, he certainly wouldn’t look out of place in practice,” said Brian Stumpf, president of the Elite 11 quarterback camp. “I think the bigger thing would be you have three guys — as of now all three of those guys are still there  CJ (Stroud), Jack Miller III and Kyle McCord — that have been through the rigors and through the offseason program and through the strength and conditioning, and forged relationships with teammates. I think the bigger challenge would be to parachute in three weeks before the first game or whatever and think that realistically you’re gonna vault past some really talented guys that have been there and have experience in the program and are college-ready from the mental side and the strength and conditioning side. … Especially since Quinn went through so much physically, having a sports hernia last year, all that sort of stuff. I think he would admit that he’s not probably where he was physically compared to where he was 14 or 18 months ago in terms of coming back from some of the lower body stuff and rounding into shape.

“He can throw the football with anybody. But in terms of picking up on an offense and acclimating with the team, doing all the other stuff that goes into it, I think that would be the biggest challenge. He would throw it fine in practice, but there’s so much more than looking good during individual periods that would go into competing for and potentially earning playing time kind of right out of the gate.”

A person familiar with Ohio State’s roster pretty much agreed with what Stumpf said all the way from the other side of the country. The feeling is Ewers would “by far” have “the best” arm talent if he were in Ohio State’s quarterback room right now. But the mental aspect and reps he’d need to take makes it hard to rationalize Ewers being able to unseat the guys in front of him quickly.

All of that is exactly what I what I've been telling myself about this situation.

... until we get to that last paragraph. We've all seen all three of Ohio State's current quarterbacks throw in the spring game, and they're all pretty damn good. If there's a feeling within the program that Ewers has "by far" the best arm out of any of them then uh... Maybe it's not all that insane to think he could get some real reps this season?

I don't know. Personally, I hope Texas just changes its mind and allows him to make his mil in high school so we don't have to play this game. But if this all does go down, I'll sure be entertained!

 GETS THE GREEN DOT. Around this time last year, Jordan Fuller was just trying to earn his way onto the team and hopefully get some playing time as a mid sixth-round pick.

Now, he's not only a starter heading into camp, he's got that green dot on his helmet as the defensive player responsible for getting the calls and leading the defense.

He has opened camp as the defense’s “green dot” player, the only player among 11 who is allowed to have a small earpiece in his helmet that relays the calls from coordinator Raheem Morris to the rest of the unit.

“It’s dope,” said Fuller, smiling widely when speaking with The Athletic after Wednesday’s practice — the first of training camp. “It’s honestly an honor. It means they trust me, and I think it speaks to that. But it’s a big responsibility, so I’m going to attack it head-on and see where it goes from there.”


“It’s more of a leadership role for him this year,” star defensive tackle Aaron Donald said Wednesday afternoon, a grin creeping across his face. “He’s the guy who is getting us hauled up and getting us the plays now!

“The year he had last year, he’s going to build off that and now growing into a leadership role. Got a lot more pressure, a lot more on his shoulders — but I think he can handle it. We trust what he can do, his abilities and his leadership. Expecting big things from him. We’re respecting him for what he did last year — he made a name for himself. He made a lot of big plays for us to help win a lot of games, so we want him to do the same thing this year, if not more. He earned that himself for what he did on the football field last year.”

It's wild, but I can't say I'm shocked.

I can't honestly say I expected him to be this immediately dominant on the football field, but Jordan Fuller has that Terry McLaurin thing going on I have always been absolutely certain that he would be extremely successful at *something*. And here we are!

 BRINGING HOME THE PRECOIUS METALS. I'm pleased to announce that we have our first Buckeye medal of these Olympics as former Ohio State rower Ilse Paulis of the Netherlands claimed the bronze metal in women's lightweight double.

There are a record 26 Buckeyes competing in Tokyo this Olympics, including defending champion Kyle Snyder. So there's a sold chance we've still got some more hardware on the way.

 DENZEL WARD MAKING MOVES. BIA is officially represented among Madden's top-10 cornerbacks and safeties in this year's game, thanks to Denzel Ward.

I have to admit though, I am at least a little bothered that Ohio State has produced eight first round picks in the secondary in the past eight drafts and they only have one among the top-10 in Madden.

The youngins are going to need to turn it up a bit.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Heartless" by Kanye West.

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