Skull Session: Buckeyes Taking the Bets Quality Shots in the Big Ten, Baron Browning Continues to Impress, and Vegas Picks Jack Miller to Start

By Kevin Harrish on January 29, 2021 at 5:15 am
We're celebrating in today's skull session.

I'm delighted to inform you that Ryan Shazier has incredible fashion sense.

You too can rep the Best Damn No. 11 in the Land by swinging over to Eleven Warriors Dry Goods. If we run out, we'll print more. I promise.

Word of the Day: Vestment.

 GOOD LOOKS. These past couple of weeks have revealed that the Buckeye basketball team is Actually Good™ on a number of levels, but particularly at getting buckets (which is a welcomed change from *gestures at a decade and a half of Ohio State teams that couldn't score*).

The Buckeyes currently have the No. 5 adjusted offense in the country, according to KenPom – again, Actually Good™ – and it would seem their shot selection is at least part of the reason why.

I would not have guessed Indiana would be that high, but I guess it doesn't necessarily say they *made* the shots.

 ALRIGHT, BARON BROWNING! It would seem that Baron Browning is making himself a good bit of money down in Mobile, Alabama this week.

I'm beginning to think it was possibly a mistake to play Baron Browning at inside linebacker for like 80 percent of his career!

It's wild to me that three separate linebackers coaches looked at his skillset and decided that he should play interior linebacker behind Tuf Borland. To be fair, it's not like Malik Harrison, Pete Werner or Justin Hilliard were on the outside, so it's not like Ohio State was ever really hurting.

It's just wild that he's very clearly a monster on the outside and as a pass rusher and it feels like he barely, barely did that with the Buckeyes.

But also, I know nothing about anything.

 JACK MILLER FOR HEISMAN? The famed MGM Grand Casino out in Vegas has quite the conundrum on its hand this offseason as it tries to list Heisman Trophy odds without actually knowing Ohio State's starting quarterback.

Basically, they have to choose who they believe will win Ohio State's quarterback battle, and give him the better Heisman Trophy odds. And for some reason, they appear to have chosen Jack Miller, listing him with the eighth-best odds at +1600, behind guys like D.J. Uiagalelei, Spencer Rattler, JT Daniels and Bryce Young.

Stroud comes in eventually though, tied with the 19th-best odds at +5000, even behind Master Teague, who is all the way up at 12th with +2800 odds, weirdly.

Here are the odds for the three Buckeyes:

  • (8th) Jack Miller +1600
  • (12th) Master Teague +2800
  • (T19th) C.J. Stroud +5000

I don't mean to disparage Jack Miller, because he's certainly got a chance to win the battle this offseason, but I don't really know anyone who would earnestly list him as the favorite to win the job, much less the heavy of a favorite.

And then there's Teague also checking in above Stroud. That's a little more forgiving, but I personally have a hard time imagining he'll even be Ohio State's top running back at the end of next season (or maybe even the start).

Someone *could* tell them, but I think we should just let the market correct itself.

 PERFECT CIRCLE. I'm pleased to inform you that the Big Ten men's basketball circle of suck is officially complete.

Shoutout to Nebraska, living in a class by themselves.

At least you have footba... ah, wait. Damn.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Wildflower" by The National Parks.

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