Skull Session: Big Ten Still Has No Answers, Drue Christman is Getting Reckless, and Shaun Wade Talks Sacrifices the Team Made to Play

By Kevin Harrish on September 16, 2020 at 4:59 am
The Band is drumming in today's skull session.

The truth is, I'm running out of ways to tell you that the Big Ten still hasn't gotten its shit together, but I think this does the trick.

Word of the Day: Chutzpah.

 AT LEAST THEY'RE CONSISTENT? The third day on which I earnestly believed we'd get an announcement has come and gone, with the most eventful bit of news turning out to be the addition of the damn president of Nebraska to the chorus of people who have no idea what the hell is taking so long.

And the weird part is, everyone seems to know the decision anyway?

If the Big Ten's "make the decision extremely clear but don't formally tell anybody about it for a couple of days" approach sounds familiar to you, that's because they did the exact same thing a month ago when Kevin Warren told teams to just "go light in practice" instead of, you know, actually making a decision.

So now we've gone full circle and we appear to be at "go harder than usual at practice," phase of the decision making.

Can this please be over? I would just like to move on with my life.

 WAITING NOT SO PATIENTLY. If you think this whole process has been exhausting for you, imagine what it's been like for the players, who've had their season dangling in front of them for weeks without an official word from anyone about anything.

I don't know if it's refreshing or sad to know that the players have been in the exact same boat as us, constantly checking Twitter in a desperate search for news of some kind.

 SACRIFICES MADE. Ohio State players are used to working their asses off to prepare for a season, but they've had to take the whole "dedicate your life to football" thing to a new level since the pandemic hit, as Shaun Wade reveals.

So basically, everybody – including the freshmen who were undoubtedly trying to adjust to just being in a strange new place – put everything about their lives that isn't football-rated on hold since March to be able to have a chance compete.

Here's hoping this wasn't in vain, and that we find out soon.

 CHASE CHASES QUARTERBACKS. Turns out, Chase Young is still good at football even though he's now playing against professional people-movers instead of amateurs.

I love that we just get to do this regularly now. Remember when the world was shocked at Joey Bosa's immediate dominance? Then Sam Hubbards? Then his Nick Bosa's? I can't wait to see who's next!

 SONG OF THE DAY. "B a noBody" by SOAK.

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