Skull Session: We're Optimistic About a Big Ten Restart, Wyatt Davis Hasn't Ruled Out a Return, and Ohio State is Unranked For the First Time in Nearly A Decade

By Kevin Harrish on September 14, 2020 at 4:59 am
There's a light at the end of the tunnel in today's skull session.

Yesterday I watch Joe Burrow throw a beautiful game-winning touchdown in a game his team actually ended up losing – a paradox that could only exist in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It be like that sometimes, Joe. It be like that.

Word of the Day: Spasmodic.

 IT SWITCHED! I'll be honest, I was hoping to begin the week with Ohio State's national title chase officially resurrected, but I'll settle for where we're at, all things considered.

That's because even though nothing's been made official, a quick scroll through my Twitter feed showed me report after report after report after report after report after report after report of nothing but extremely positive vibes – a welcomed change here in 2020 – with Oct. 17 not only looking possible, but I daresay likely.

I'm saving my full celebration for the official announcement – this heart simply can't handle any more breaking – but if this happens, it would be one of the wildest turns of events I can ever recall in the wide wide world of sports. I mean, less than a month ago, Kevin Warren was firmly telling folks that the decision was final and would not be revised. And here we are.

All I can say is, at the end of all of this, may the sweet lord have mercy on that first football team that lines up against the Buckeyes. Cause I fear there's gonna be a murder to report.

 NOT SO FAST! Speaking of wild turns of events...

When Wyatt Davis opted out, he explicitly stated that he was hiring an agent, which is soon-to-be-millionaire for "I've made up my damn mind, don't ask me again."

But as you're now aware, things seem to have changed. And it looks like Davis' decision may not have been quite as final as we were led to believe.

"I'm still in the works with that right now," Davis told Krik Barton. "It's not truly official yet. Because obviously I'm hearing reports that there's supposed to be a vote Sunday."

When asked straight up if he would return for an Oct. 17 start, Davis was noncommittal, but definitely didn't say "no."

"Before I say that, that's something I would have to talk to my family about first," Davis said. "We'll see if there actually is a vote on Sunday."

There obviously was not a vote on Sunday, so let's hope that deadline wasn't hard and fast. Because frankly, I'm just not done watching this.

 A STREAK SNAPPED. The Buckeyes made the bad kind of history this week due to absolutely no fault of their own.

But it allowed us to poke at Michigan, so it ain't all bad.

If Ohio State didn't appear on the brink of restarting its season in about a month, I'm quite certain I would have spent an unsmall portion of my Sunday afternoon mad online about a poll, because this is nothing short of infuriating:

But lord willing, Ohio State will retake its rightful place atop the poll soon enough. Trust the process, as they say.

 NOT MEANT TO BE. Ohio State's blockbuster showdown at Oregon was supposed to happen on Saturday, but even if it wasn't canceled months ago due to the Very Bad Virus, there's not a chance it would have happened anyway.

But that's not going to stop me from feeling a little sad anyway.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel.

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