Skull Session: The Big Ten Doesn't Know What “Transparent” Means, Jordan Fuller Makes a Mark With the Rams, and TBDBITL is Going Virtual

By Kevin Harrish on September 1, 2020 at 4:59 am
The Field is here in today's skull session.

Welcome to another day of life. I'm proud of you.

Word of the Day: Derogate.

 YOU KEEP SAYING THAT WORD... It took a damn lawsuit, but the Big Ten Conference is *finally* giving some answers about its decision to postpone fall sports. But it also got a little audacious with its published statement.

"The Big Ten Return to Competition Task Force will continue to be transparent as it actively considers options to get back to competition when it is safe to play."

I'm now convinced the Big Ten has no idea what the word "transparent" means.

You see, this group cannot continue to be transparent when it's made absolutely zero on-the-record comments about its plans to "get back to competition when it is safe." More than that, it's some hilarious irony that the conference is touting its transparency in a statement it's only releasing because lawyers got involved and forced their hand.

I'd respect them more if the statement just straight up said "we will provide you absolutely no more information than required long after it should have been provided."

If you're going to be dishonest and shady, at least be honest about it.

 OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN. There's a reason Jordan Fuller was a two-time captain at Ohio State and a finalist for the William V. Campbell Trophy (dubbed the "Academic Heisman") his senior season – it's because outside of anything he does on the football field, he is absolutely an A+ human being.

And the Rams took notice.

At 199th overall, however, it's rare to find a player capable of making a training camp impact like that of Jordan Fuller. But the least surprised member of the organization is a Midwest area scout who felt strongly that the former Ohio State safety belonged.

"If you get to know Brian Hill, he's no nonsense," said general manager Les Snead of the person most responsible for Los Angeles' sixth round selection.

"He has no problem dissenting, even if you try to talk him into liking a player who doesn't meet his standards," Snead continued. "(Manager, Data and Analytics) Jake Temme noticed the particular grade Brian gave Jordan Fuller. This code that we kind of stamp on the grade, which means, 'Hey. Really want this human being in the Rams locker room.'

"There are only about five players, maybe seven, Brian Hill's ever given this grade to and all of them are very successful in the NFL."


Asked what he thought may have led the Rams – and the Buckeyes, who twice voted him team captain – to feel that way about his intangibles, Fuller pointed to his total investment.

"I just care a lot. I care a lot about my teammates. I care a lot about what I do, and I take this stuff seriously. I would say, when things get hard… I'm someone you can lean on from a teammate standpoint and from a coach-to-player. You know I'm going to be in the right spot at the right time."

Thankfully for Los Angeles, he's also pretty damn good at football, too.

You don't start for three years in Ohio State's secondary by accident.

 TBDBITL GOES VIRTUAL. Here at Ohio State, you can take football from us, but you can pry our marching band from our cold, dead fingers.

While the Buckeyes aren't going to be teeing it up this fall, it looks like the show is going to go on for The Best Damn Band in the Land – virtually.

Just to be clear, if I have the opportunity to watch an "i" get dotted this fall, I'm going to be tuned in every damn time.

 BEN SCHMIESING TO TRANSFER. Ohio State's about to lose its first player following the Big Ten's decision to postpone fall sports, but with all due respect to the lad, you probably wouldn't have noticed if you weren't told.

The departee, according to a report from Bucknuts, is junior walk-on linebacker Ben Schmiesing.

Schmiesing's been with the program for two seasons but has seen action in just one game, playing seven snaps against Maryland in 2019. But even though he rarely saw action, he was impressive off the field as a two-time OSU Scholar-Athlete and an Academic All-Big Ten selection in 2019.

Wherever life takes him next, I'm sure he'll thrive. At the very least, he's certainly got a brighter future than me, the fellow typing words about his seven snaps and life decisions from my couch on my 8-year-old laptop.

 TATE FALLS FURTHER BEHIND. Before Justin Fields arrived at Ohio State, it seemed Tate Martell was poised to be the Buckeyes' starting quarterback.

A year and a half later, it's looking like he'll be no better than fourth on Miami's quarterback depth chart.

It's been a hell of a ride for Tate, and a ridiculous rise and fall for one of the most accomplished high school players of all time. But the good news is, he's now got an extra year of eligibility.

So even if he spends this entire season fourth on Miami's depth chart, he'll still have two seasons to play with, wherever they may take him.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes.

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