Skull Session: Ohio State's Sights Are Set on Clemson, CJ Saunders Still Awaits His Waiver Decision, and Michigan May Be Better Off Without A Season

By Kevin Harrish on July 15, 2020 at 4:59 am
The Tunnel is here in today's skull session.

We get to live another day. Congrats, all!

Word of the Day: Laureate.

 COME TO THE LIGHT. Last night, it became crystal clear where Ohio State's sights are set.

With four-star cornerback Jordan Hancock decommitting from Clemson and *SPOILERS TO FOLLOW* all-but officially flipping to Ohio State, the Buckeyes commits basically just took a victory lap on Twitter. But one Tweet, in particular, was quite a bit... pointed.

I don't know for sure if Ohio State is out in the recruiting field politely informing players that Dabo has said some blatantly racist shit and said he would quit coaching if players were paid, but they probably don't have to, because I know damn well that guys like Tunmise Adeleye are doing that daily.

I honestly get the vibe that Tunmise doesn't even really care about getting them to flip to Ohio State specifically – he just wants them to think twice about going to Clemson. And it seems his pleas are starting to pay off.

It's about damn time.

 STILL WAITING. Speaking of "about damn time," it's long, long past time for CJ Saunders to get a response from the NCAA about his waiver for a sixth year of eligibility, but his father has informed Eleven Warriors that it still has not come – they are *STILL* waiting on the NCAA.

At this point, it's far beyond bullshit that this has taken so long when there's so clearly one correct answer. He's a former walk-on in excellent academic standing who didn't play a single snap over the course of three separate seasons, including the most recent one due to injury.

How is this hard?

 BIA. Turns out, Ohio State's first-round pick cornerbacks were extremely good in college – some would say, Best in America.

The one notable absence from this is Damon Arnette. His career stats aren't quite up to par with these guys in large part because they mostly got to wait until they were fully developed to take first-team snaps – Arnette took first-team snaps all four years he played, and it wasn't always pretty.

But if you'd like to make a mental note, his completion percentage allowed this past season was 45.1 – so he absolutely belongs among this group.

 LET'S CHECK IN ON MICHIGAN. We're all terrified at the thought that the college football season could be canceled. Meanwhile, Michigan fans are approaching the problem... differently.

There are a staggering number of people – more than half! – at least indifferent about canceling the season. I'm in awe.

Imagine the state your program would have to be to even ask this question in the first place. I cannot imagine even giving this question serious consideration, much less actually asking others' thoughts. Y'all would be irate if this was used as a site poll.

And yet, more than half of the responses were between "meh" and "yeah, it would probably be better to just straight up not play this season." Those poor people.

Michigan fans, you know that nobody is forcing you to do this to yourself, right? You can just walk away from this at any moment. Nobody will blame you. In fact, it's probably the most mentally healthy thing you can do.

 CAKE, OR NAH? If you're as extremely online as I am – and I sincerely pray you are not, as the Internet has turned my brain to gray goo – you've probably seen the terrifying cakes that make you question reality.

You'll be happy to learn that an Ohio State alum is to blame for some of the most vile viral creations.

I'm gonna need to hide my knives. No household object is safe now.

 SONG OF THE DAY "Passenger" by Iggy Pop.

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