Skull Session: Terrelle Pryor is Optimistic About a Return, Ohio High School Coaches Propose a Spring Season, and Meechie Johnson is Back and Ready to Compete For Mr. Basketball

By Kevin Harrish on July 13, 2020 at 4:59 am
The Grove is here in today's skull session.

Let's see what another week can throw at us. Buckle up.

Word of the Day: Bellicose.

 TP REFUSES TO QUIT. The most recent thing I wrote about Terrelle Pryor on this website was that he was in "stable condition" after he was admitted into the hospital in critical condition due to attempted murder by stabbing. At one point, we actually needed someone to report that he was expected to survive – it was that serious.

Now, he's not just making a recovery, the dude is eyeing a comeback and talking to teams.

"There have been conversations with a couple -- five teams," Pryor tells us.

But, TP says because of the COVID-19 pandemic ... he hasn't been able to get a tryout with anyone just yet, but he's confident that'll change soon.

Pryor says he's fully healthy now ... and would really love a shot to catch passes from either Cam Newton in New England or Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh.

"Those two are very intriguing," Pryor says. "Especially Cam. I've been a big fan of him throughout the years ... And, obviously, Big Ben, that's my hometown of Pittsburgh, so that's just two teams that I really want to play for."

Pryor, though, says he's open to everybody ... and claims he's found the solutions to stop injuries that have plagued him ever since he left Cleveland after his breakout year in 2016.

"I can still play," Pryor says. "And, I can still make plays and dominate. I know that."

Say what you want about Terrelle Pryor, but the word "quit" just ain't in his vocabulary, and one day he's going to be the subject of one hell of a 30-for-30.

He came to the NFL well ahead of his time as a dual-threat quarterback, yet managed to start – and win! – multiple games before deciding to just *change his damn position* in the middle of his NFL career to a position he's never played in his life, and was a 1,000-yard receiver in his first full season.

Then, he legit almost dies at the age of 31 – nearing retirement for a wide receiver – but makes a full recovery and now plans a comeback.

You have my respect, TP. I'm rooting for you.

 FUTURE MR. BASKETBALL. Meechie Johnson's been out of commission since early 2019 with a torn ACL, and it's time folks remembered how damn good he is at basketball.

Meechie Johnson – ’21 PG Garfield Heights: If memory serves us correctly, we had not had a chance to watch Meechie Johnson play a live basketball game since January of 2019 at Flyin’ to the Hoop, as the nationally ranked guard tore his ACL shortly after causing him to miss the entirety of his junior season. Despite playing some of his first true basketball in 18-months, Johnson looked superb for his Indy Heat EYBL team, as the 6’1 playmaker showcased his athleticism, passing ability, perimeter shooting and shiftiness with the ball which allows him to get into the paint. Having recently transferred back to Garfield Heights after spending his junior season at ISA Academy, Johnson should be considered a candidate for Ohio’s Mr. Basketball award as a senior; and, he’ll have the added bonus of not having to worry about the recruiting process, as Johnson has committed to Ohio State.

I've got high hopes for that 2021 class. Meechie and Kalen Etzler are about to be a problem together.

 MICHAEL WILEY – DUAL THREAT. Y'all remember Michael Wiley? The dude might be the only player in history that was a dual-threat runner and passer from... the running back position.

10-for-11, 225 yards, two touchdowns for a quarterback rating of 322.7. From a pure efficiency standpoint, you could make the case he's the best passer in Ohio State football history.

 SPRING  HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL? We've heard the concept of spring college football vaguely discussed as a potential option if the fall season doesn't pan out, but it seems like an actual plan for a spring high school season is at least being kicked around.

Some central Ohio coaches proposed a spring season to the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association.

In their proposal, the coaches outlined a possible schedule for spring football, with practices beginning Feb. 1, scrimmages starting Feb. 15 and a six-week regular season kicking off Feb. 26. A seven-week postseason would begin April 9 -- with every team in Ohio qualifying -- and end with the state finals May 20-22.

Under this proposal, the coaches also suggested a seven-game 2021 regular season beginning Sept. 17.

The coaches said they fear a “wait-and-see approach will be a strategy to delay the inevitable of canceling contact/current fall sports.” They wrote it is their “responsibility to plan and take action. We have lost the benefit of time that we once had.”

In terms of what may change between now and Feb. 1, their proposal notes the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine or, in the absence of a vaccine, more would be known about how to treat the virus and mitigate it within schools and the community.

If nothing has changed “then we tried our best and we took intelligent action to make it work,” the coaches said.

Of course, this is only a proposal, and this story caused quite a stir with the OHSFCA, who made it clear that they did not approve the writing of this article (because that's definitely how articles work), and the OHSAA released a statement saying it is "proceeding as if fall sports will continue as planned."

But we know that at least the conversation has been started.

 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! On this date one year ago, we were gifted with a truly magic moment.

The best part of this is that Tony Alford knew the anniversary was on Monday but was so giddy about sharing the video again that he couldn't wait a few more hours. That's love.

Also, if 2020 takes away Demario McCall's final Heisman campaign, I"m gonna have to declare war.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Hoop-Dee-Do" by The Wiggles.

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