Skull Session: What It Would Take to Trade Justin Fields, The Elite 11 MVP Decision is a Sham, and Michael Drake Underestimates Football Players' Worth

By Kevin Harrish on July 2, 2020 at 4:59 am
Craig Young is incredible in today's skull session.

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Word of the Day: Tryst.

 FIELDS OR THE FIELD? Justin Fields is, without doubt, the most valuable player on the roster heading into this season. So, how much would you need to get in return in order to give him up?

A listener asked a fascinating question to The Athletic's 4 to 6 with A&B podcast: would you trade Justin Fields if it meant getting Chase Young, Jeff Okudah and J.K. Dobbins back for the 2020 season?

As insane as it sounds, no. I don't think I would give up Justin Fields for two top-three picks and a three-time 1,000-yard rusher. But toss in Damon Arnette and we might have to talk...

 THREE OR FOUR! Through either blissful ignorance or deliberate arrogance, university president Michael Drake seems to have no idea how valuable his football players are.

To be fair to Drake, he was taken a bit out of context here. He meant that "three to four" would significantly benefit – guys like Shaun Wade or Justin Fields are probably who he had in mind, and that number's about right for those superstars.

But also, he's still wrong. Sure, Justin Fields might be the only one making big money, but even if we're talking $200 to promote Big Bar on a flier, $200 is $200, especially when you could previously make $0.

And take this from someone on the "we would love to hire players for promotions" end of this: opportunities will abound for all players. I assure you we would gladly take just about anyone on the roster promoting our Dry Goods.

Liam McCullough? Come on down! Joey Lane? Hell yes! Gavin Cupp? You're damn right! And if we partnered with any of those fine fellows for a shirt collaboration, you fiends would buy the whole damn stock, and you know it.

 EVERYTHING'S MADE UP AND THE EVENT DOESN'T MATTER. I've been back from my mini-honeymoon for a few brief hours but – much to my fresh wife's dismay – that's all the time I needed to find something to make me mad online.

Folks, the Elite 11 Finals is a sham!!!!!!!!!

This "competition" just crowned a dude who didn't finish in the top-10 of two of the three events its champion basically because Trent Dilfer thought he did well in some random high school football games 10 months ago.

Apparently this is how it's always been done and nobody's ever seemed to notice, but that's probably because they've never before awarded the thing to someone who very clearly did not deserve it.

I very much understand that this barely matters in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn't mean it isn't stupid as hell. Imagine the Olympics dishing out gold medals based 50 percent on how you ran a year ago.

But even if I did think this was a perfectly reasonable way to decide a winner, there's just no way his junior tape was that much better than the other six five-star quarterbacks at the event, because if you've ever watched a five-star quarterback in high school, they all look like the best quarterback you've ever seen with your eyes.

It seems they just decided Caleb Williams was going to win, and the competition just didn't matter at all. Then, they rationalized it however they saw fit. It's bullshit, but it's even more bullshit that they're continuing to insist that it isn't bullshit.

Oh well. At least Kyle McCord proved he's good at football, actually!

 SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT GETS COVIDED. If any of y'all were still holding onto a fear that someone like Shaun Wade might try to bolt for the supplemental draft, you can rest easy – there's not even a supplemental draft to bolt to.

On one hand, it's nice to have some closure on this, but on the other, I'm not exactly optimistic that "current conditions" have the NFL deciding not to welcome more potential players to its ranks.

 RUN FRAGEL, RUN! Filed under "Things I Didn't Know I Needed to See" – a side-by-side of Reid Fragel sprinting like Forrest Gump.

Nice to see that he's still got those tight end wheels. Take note, red zone defenses.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Summertime Magic" by Childish Gambino.

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