Skull Session: Larry Johnson is One of the Best, Freak Athletes Come to Ohio State to Get Freakier, and Big Ten Basketball is a Grind

By Kevin Harrish on February 28, 2020 at 4:59 am
Larry Johnson is squatting in today's skull session.

A wise man once said, "Road wins in the Big Ten should be celebrated like they're a national holiday."

So go ahead and take off work. You've earned it.

Song of the Day: "The Alien" Manchester Orchestra

Word of the Day: Quiescence.

 DOING IT SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. Ohio State is a damn assembly line of NFL talent that routinely turns kids into superstars, but it certainly helps when some of those kids are already freaks in high school.

Four of the guys mentioned in that Tweet are Buckeyes, and no other school even had two. That means Ohio State is both bringing in the freaks and making them freakier once they get to Columbus.

 LARRY LEGEND. Chase Young's about to become the third top-three pick Larry Johnson's cranked out in the past five years, so it ain't exactly shocking that he's one of 247Sports' top assistant coaches in America.


Age: 68

Salary: $900,000

Instead of stats, let’s just list off the names: Chase Young, Nick Bosa, Tyquan Lews, Joey Bosa, Devon Still, Jared Odrick, Aaron Maybin, Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Haynes, Anthony Adams, Courtney Brown. That’s just a list of the first and second rounders that Johnson has produced out of Penn State and Ohio State over the past two decades and the list speaks for itself.

This is obviously a well-deserved nod, but based on that criteria, where's Kerry Coombs?

Coombs has produced first-round picks Bradley Roby, Eli Apple, Marshon Lattimore, Gareon Conley, and Denzel Ward with Jeff Okudah a virtual lock and Shaun Wade looking promising.

If producing seven first rounders ain't enough to make you among the best at what you do, I'm glad I never got into coaching.

 THE HARD WAY. Playing in the Big Ten is like running a gauntlet of eight-year-olds freely swinging a collection of rubber mallets, souvenir baseball bats and airbake cookie sheets – the strong will certainly survive, but it ain't gonna look pretty.

Case in point, eight of the top-11 strongest schedules in college basketball belong to Big Ten teams.

To quote the modern poet Kaleb Wesson: “They're not going to look pretty in the Ten. They're not going to look pretty. A win is a win in the Ten.”

Now, I do think the Strength of Schedule arguments can get a little incestuous and circular (like every SEC football team claiming a quality win over Texas A&M this year), but I actually think it works in this case.

Most of these Big Ten teams played insane non-conference schedules and then went on to play a 20-game conference slate instead of a few additional cupcake games. So yeah, I'm gonna claim it. It's a grind.

 GREAT WAVES ON THE GREAT LAKES. It looks like the Midwest briefly became Surfin' USA yesterday, so hoping some of you were able to take advantage.

Towering waves were forming Thursday on the Great Lakes, with swells that could reach 20 feet, CNN meteorologists said.

Huge waves have been spotted over southern Lake Michigan, following a mass of cold air that pushed a north wind over the region, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said.
Lake Ontario could get waves of up to 20 feet near its center, Guy said. Waves as tall as 10 feet could form on Lakes Huron and Erie, peaking on their southern shores.

The water might be a bit nipply in late February, but you wouldn't be a midwesterner if you let a little cold ruin your ill-advised fun.

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