Skull Session: Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon Continues to Complain About Kaleb Wesson, the Buckeyes Are a Lock for the NCAA Tournament, and Tom Ryan's Son is a Lifesaver in Death

By Kevin Harrish on February 26, 2020 at 4:59 am
Kaleb Wesson is a bully in today's skull session.

Good morning! Here's a reminder that Cam Heyward was more athletic than you by fifth grade!

If a sixth-grader would have dunked on my team, I legit would have walked off the court. There's no point in playing anymore after that.

Song of the Day: "A World Alone" By Lorde

Word of the Day: Sundry.

 STILL CRYING. Whining about the refs 30 minutes after a game is a bad look, doing it two days later makes you look like a megabitch.

Well folks, they don't call him Mark "Megabitch" Turgeon for nothing.

"Complaining doesn't do me any good, but I'm going to keep complaining multiple days after the game anyway." - Mark Turgeon, basically.

Also, if you ever feel the need to call your 6-foot-10 potential lottery pick center "little brother" with a straight face, you're either more dramatic than a six-year-old girl pretending to be Elsa, or he's Charman soft. Or both!

 OHIO STATE IS IN. Even if they lose every single game remaining on the schedule, it's looking like the Buckeyes will be dancing no matter what.

Big Ten

Two more Big Ten locks? And on the same day? What foul sorcery is this?! It’s the kind of foul sorcery that congratulates Michigan and Ohio State together, as a pair, skipping off into lockdom hand in hand. (We assume fans of both schools enjoyed that image. You’re welcome.) For Michigan, Saturday’s win at Purdue was its fifth straight and seventh in eight games, a hugely impressive February (and late January) run that has buttressed a team sheet that already had nonconference wins over Gonzaga and Creighton to fall back on. Ohio State, meanwhile, upset Maryland, the Big Ten’s best, steadiest and most unflappable team, in a high-quality performance that made OSU’s always-impressive efficiency numbers look much more on target than they once did.

Both teams suffered swoons in the middle of season, of varying severity. Both have put together quality wins before and since. Both are going dancing. Michigan and Ohio State: They have more in common than you think.

What a dumb basketball season. 

If you would have told me in early January that we'd be even a little bit concerned at Ohio State's tournament resume, I would have thought you were high. I would have also thought you were high if you told me at the end of January that the Buckeyes would have an NCAA Tournament bid locked up before March.

But hey, I'll take it.

 STILL SAVING LIVES. In 2004, Tom Ryan tragically and suddenly lost his five-year-old son, Teague, to a heart attack. It's an event Ryan's never been able to fully shake, shaping his entire life. But he has found some peace knowing that even in death, Teague is making an impact, potentially saving lives down the line.

Two years of research by Mohler’s team ended up with a discovery in 2015 that Teague had a gene variant that had previously not been associated with cardiac arrhythmia, abnormal heart rhythms that can sometimes cause death.

Essentially, Teague died because one variant out of 4 billion pieces of DNA in one cell made him more susceptible to cardiac arrhythmias.

“It brought calm and a sense of order to our lives knowing that Teague just had a trait that was passed down,” Ryan said.

The answer also served a broader purpose to his son’s short life.

“Every parent wants their child to impact the [lives] of others,” Ryan said, “and Teague is doing that through the research being done at Ohio State.”


“We have four children — three on Earth and one in heaven. It’s cool that the one in heaven is having an impact by potentially saving lives here. It’s amazing.”

I thought extremely highly of Tom Ryan before I knew about Teague, but now the more I learn, the more blown away I am. I can't imagine ever being in that position, but if I am, I want to respond exactly how Tom Ryan did.

 BIG SLOBS. Ohio State's offensive line is going to be BEEFY for the foreseeable future. There's not a damn player in the room that weighs fewer than 300 pounds.

And I'd bet every single one of them could beat me in a footrace, because Ohio State's a collection of physical freaks, and that extends to the offensive line as well.

 SLAM I AM. Y'all remember when Sam Thompson was throwing down dunks like this regularly, and when it could happen on any given out-of-bounds play?

I would pay dozens of dollars to see this in a TBT game in the very near future.

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