Skull Session: Nick Bosa Gives a Public Service Announcement, K.J. Hill is Fine With High Expectations, and Joe Burrows' Dad Talks His Transfer

By Kevin Harrish on January 28, 2020 at 5:59 am
The Buckeyes are happy in today's skull session.

Yesterday, it hit me that football season is nearly over and it damn near crushed my soul.

But then I was at peace when I remembered Cardale Jones season is just beginning and all is now well in the world.

Word of the Day: Hegemon.

 NICK BOSA GIVES A PSA. If there were anyone I would want to be the official spokesperson of my life, it would be Nick or Joey Bosa.

Since the elder big bear arrived on at Ohio State, I've been absolutely fascinated by their dry humor and monotonous tone of voice, but complete sincerity in everything that they do. It's like they're always playing a character, except they aren't – that's just them.

So when Nick is asked to do an on-the-fly public service announcement about the Coronoavirus, he very seriously and almost gravely accepted, breathing out a solemn "I can do that" before delivering the most Nick Bosa message of all time.

"Just hang in there. Enjoy the Super Bowl."

Honestly, that's some solid advice no matter who you are. Well said, Nicky B. Well said.

 FOLLOWING GIANT FOOTSTEPS. With the recent run of Buckeye receivers who've stepped into the next level and been immediately better than anyone could have reasonably expected, K.J. Hill knows he's got a little more pressure on him. But he ain't worried.

Not that the NFL should be surprised by now. The current iteration of Ohio State’s offense has produced a constant stream of productive receivers to the NFL over the past five years, led by Saints superstar Michael Thomas, who broke Marvin Harrison’s single-season receptions record this year.

Ohio State has produced seven draft picks in the top three rounds in the past five years, and guys such as Thomas, McLaurin and Curtis Samuel have proven they can make the transition.

“It definitely gives me confidence, but I know it’s a high expectation,” Hill said. “When I walk in the room and they see I’m an Ohio State receiver, they expect something. They expect a certain status, they expect me to be the best.”

The Colts already have an Ohio State receiver in Campbell, whose rookie year was plagued by a string of bad luck that included four injuries, three that required surgery.

But Hill has done plenty in Mobile to convince teams that he deserves a place in this stacked wide receiver class, following in the footsteps of the Ohio State receivers who made the trip to the Senior Bowl before him.

My prediction is that he's going to run a subpar 40-yard dash and fly even further under the radar as a result (because that is the one true evaluator of talent, as we all know). Then, he's going to be Terry McLaurin II this upcoming year and make some team extremely happy.

 WILD SCENE FOR LYLE. It feels like a lifetime since JaQuan Lyle was Ohio State's starting point guard. I was still in my first senior year at that point, and now I'm two years removed from graduation.

A few years removed from Buckeye land, Lyle is still playing basketball over at New Mexico, among some uh... other things.

I have many, many questions that I don't think are ever going to be thoroughly answered, but I guess the important part is that right off the bat, it doesn't seem like Lyle necessarily did anything explicitly illegal? And that's probably good news?

For the sake of Lyle's future, I hope none of this is too severe because he's honestly having a damn good year, averaging more than 17 points, 4 rebounds and nearly 5 assists per game.

 HOW IT HAPPENED. This isn't exactly news because we've heard it discussed multiple times before from other sources like Urban Meyer and Ryan Day, but Joe Burrow's father confirmed that Joe never technically lost the starting quarterback battle before he transferred.

This whole situation is going to be forever hilarious in hindsight, because the entire situation genuinely worked out for everyone. Ohio State started the best quarterback in program history and then got two years with the highest-rated player in program history. Joe got two years to blossom into the top quarterback in the nation.

Seriously, even in perfect hindsight, I'm not sure either party would do anything differently. And that's wild to think about when a former player just won the damn Heisman.

 UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE. Al Washington is currently in a unique position until draft day of having to cheer for both Buckeyes and Wolverines.

He's one of two men on Earth I'll allow to have a toe dipped in either side of the rivalry at this point. But give him a few years and he'll have no reason to not be all Buckeye.

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