Skull Session: Miami Martell, Jeff Hafley's Schemes, and an Astounding Number of Transfers

By Jake Anderson on March 28, 2019 at 4:59 am
Hafley speaks to the media -- Skull Session

By Day Four of Kevin's absence, the ranks are depleted. Morale is low. We need a hero: someone to erase all of Ramzy's obscure references and save us from Johnny's hip-hop allusions that no one understands. Unfortunately for you, I am no hero. 

That's right, it's the intern's time to shine crash-and-burn. I have finally received my license, Kevin has given me the keys, and I can not wait to crash this piece into a wall while getting absolutely obliterated in the comments below. On that positive note, let us begin.


Word of the Day: Incipient


The Miami version of Tate Martell is more than just a 2019 version of Spring Breakers. It turns out he's had The U on his list since high school.

From The Athletic:

“I don’t know how much you guys kept up with me in high school, but I put Miami in my top seven without even talking to them because I wanted to come here,” Martell said. “That was my way of trying to get them to talk to me. The history and the swagger the people played with here, that’s kind of what intrigued me from the jump.”

If Martell is even an average quarterback for the Hurricanes, it will be must-watch television. Can you imagine Tate rocking a $100,000 chain after a touchdown drive? 

He was also asked about what Urban Meyer taught him.

“How to work and what it takes to be elite,” he said. “I really think that’s the two biggest things. And being in that system that I was in, it taught me a lot, knowing coverage-wise where to go with the ball and how to be efficient in the West Coast passing system, which is what we run here, too.”

Tate Martell should have no trouble winning the starting job for Miami and leading them to a 8-5 record while getting blown out in a bowl game against a cold-weather team

  COVER 3?

Secondaries coach Jeff Hafley is already making an impact in the defensive backfield. 

This scheme will be a monumental shift from previous years. Greg Schiano had a, uh, very specific way of playing defense, which tended to fall apart whenever his personnel did not match his style. Remember when Oregon State torched the Buckeyes for three 60+ yard plays? 

This development, along with his insistence that the cornerbacks will finally look for the ball, should be well-received.


Ohio State's 2015 recruiting class was ranked fifth in the nation. After the Buckeyes loss in the tournament, it is only right to look back on the seniors'... astounding number of transfers?

So, one of two things happened here: Ohio State's coaching staff criminally underused this class (but somehow utilized D'Angelo Russell the following year) or the recruiting websites that formulate our opinions do not actually know anything. I prefer to think it is the latter (friendly reminder that Rivals once ranked a football player that does not exist). 

But seriously, an entire class transferring out within two years, some of them transferring two or three times, has to be some sort of record. 


Yes, I rushed the field on November 24, 2018, as the Buckeyes ran circles around the "best defense in the nation" while Chase Winovich taunted the home crowd at every possible moment. This day lives happily in my head; I imagine it invokes different emotions for the losing side. 

The final two games of the season resulted in huge losses for Michigan, ending a once optimistic season on a sour note. Per WolverinesWire, it hit some of the coaches pretty hard:

This wasn’t just some run of the mill two-game losing streak. This was everything to him.

“The most disappointing experience I’ve ever been through in my entire life,” Brown said. “The whole thing.

Defensive coordinator Don Brown let up 107 points in the final two games of the season after allowing just 13.5 points per game in the 11 games before. He later compared his team to the old Miami defenses.

“Can I get off the beaten (path)? Can I just make one comment?” Brown said. “In this passing thing, right? We’ve given up, since I’ve been here – under 2,000 passing yards a year. I know, that’s not a big deal. The last team to do it was Miami when they had 10 first-round draft picks. Okay? It’s not the concept. What it is sometimes is: ‘My guy is better than their guys and I’m gonna just shove it.’ Well, sometimes, you’ve gotta do a little better job.

It is interesting that Brown brought up Miami, I wonder who broke that dynasty...

Anyways, Michigan will never have 10 first-round draft picks, just a defensive end that looks like Rapunzel.


The world's best pro football league may soon be bankrupt. 

I have to say, I am not that surprised. Year-round football is a great theory, but different sports have their times. Competing with March Madness in the Zion Williamson-era can not be good for business. 

On the other hand, I would love for the AAF to be successful. The Alliance employs a number of former Buckeyes and has the unique opportunity to experiment with concepts not seen in the NFL. 


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