Skull Session: Supreme '18 Prepared for Summer Workouts, Kenny Hayes Rehabilitates and Jim Harbaugh Emphasizes Ohio State

By D.J. Byrnes on June 4, 2018 at 4:59 am
Greg Schiano shovels dirt on the June 4 2018 Skull Session

Cavs have the Warriors right where they want them: On pace to blow a 3-1 lead.


​Word of the Day: Sangfroid.

 REINFORCEMENTS HIT THE SCENE. Eight members of the 2018 recruiting class early enrolled. The 18 others arrived in Columbus this weekend. Two of those were four-star linebackers from Virginia who are eager to get to work in their new digs.

From Tim May of The Columbus Dispatch:

“Exciting is the word,” [linebacker Teradja] Mitchell said. “This is something I’ve been working for my whole life. I’ve always wanted to play college football for a big-time program, and what better place to do it than Ohio State.

“So I’m excited to come in and get to working with the guys, getting ready to chase the Big Ten championship ring, national championship ring. I’m just going to do the right things off the field and hopefully by the time I leave we’ll be the best program in college football.”

Fellow linebacker K’Vaughan Pope of Dinwiddie, Virginia, seconded that notion and said he has been working hard to prepare.

While I admire Mitchell and Pope's commitment, one does not simply "prepare" to enter Mickey Marotti's dojo. The good news is there will be success. The bad news is there will be pain.

Four-star safety Josh Proctor is also my bet for "Which freshman will make the biggest impact in 2018?" 

 HAYES LOOKS TO GET LIFE BACK TOGETHER. Kenny Hayes came to Ohio State in 2011 as a four-star defensive end from Toledo Whitmer. After redshirting his freshman year, Hayes couldn't get on the field in 2012 due to crippling headaches and a new regime.

He eventually left for Toledo University, and his life took a turn for the worst.

From in July 2016:

Hayes, who was babysitting the child at the woman’s Hilliard apartment, called 911 to report that the boy wasn’t breathing. Paramedics took the child to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.Although the boy had no external injuries, doctors diagnosed bleeding on the brain.

Hayes admitted to investigators that he “may have been heavy-handed with the kid,” but didnot intend to injure him, Assistant Prosecutor Michael Hughes said. The child has fully recoveredfrom the injuries, he said.

Franklin County Common Pleas Judge William Woods imposed the sentence. The maximum penalty for the offense is three years.

Hayes spent seven months in prison and is now playing with the Toledo Thunder in the Great Lakes Football League.

Jordan Strack of WTOL-11 reported the story last night:

Best of luck to Hayes in his journey. He did the crime and the time. Now his life is about what happens next.

 MEYER EDUCATES SALTY HARBAUGH. I posted about it yesterday, but the Grand Valley State recruiting camp provided the funniest Ohio State–related photo of 2018:

Urban looking like an Air Force fighter pilot while Harbuagh is on the sidelines pouting like a man who just watched his kids call another man "Dad."

Harbaugh also didn't seem to make much of his former Oakland Raider compatriot Charles Woodson's assertion Michigan doesn't emphasize The Game enough:

But wait! It somehow gets better. Harbaugh, who seems to have the attention span of a flea, is seriously considering going into the season without an offensive coordinator.


"What we're striving for is great collaboration on the offensive side," Harbaugh said. "Some people talk about having too many chiefs as an analogy. We're looking for warriors and I believe we have that. 

"We're working really well and understanding that the offense is a place of improvement for our football team." 

Sounds like the trains are running smoothly in Ann Arbor. Michigan fans can say what they want, but this season ends in calamity for them. Fave this tweet.

 BYE BYE, BEILEIN? In other bad news for Michigan, the talks between their one elite coach and the Detroit Pistons are serious (link requires a subscription to The Athletic to read).

Maybe Harbaugh can coach both sports? He already gets paid like he does.

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