Skull Session: Raekwon McMillan the Third-Rounder, the Rise of Dre'Mont Jones, and Ed Warinner-to-Texas Rumors

By D.J. Byrnes on December 23, 2016 at 4:59 am
Demario McCall totes the rock towards the December 23rd 2016 Skull Session.

Today's #shoutout goes to Spot Restaurant in the historic downtown of majestic Sidney, Ohio. Ignore the naysayers on that TripAdvisor link. Some folks post a handful of 12,000-word reviews in single paragraphs and suddenly they think the red carpet should be rolled out for lasagna_lord69.

The local team plays in eight days. We ain't got time to hear gritty details about your plan to strike back against the international junta that hustled you out of 20 bucks. Give a thumbs up or thumbs down and keep it moving.


 MERRY CHRISTMAS, KWON. Anonymous scouts usually wait until NFL Combine season before leaping out of the shadows with their diabolical arsenal of legitimate criticisms and outright character assassination. 

Not that this should surprise anyone, but they're breaching the Christmas Truce to inform us Raekwon McMillan is a mid-round NFL prospect.


Sources question McMillan's pass-coverage ability for the NFL, as he has not impressed evaluators in defending the pass. The 6-foot-2, 240-pounder is a quality run defender, but his limitations in pass coverage have many teams projecting him as coming off the field in nickel situations. NFL defenses are now operating out of the nickel around 70 percent of their snaps, so that is a huge chunk of playing time that McMillan is projected to be on the sideline. As a result, sources from multiple teams say they could see McMillan going off the board in the middle of the draft. One team thought he could go in the second, but they had a third-round grade on McMillan. One playoff team said they had a third- or fourth-round grade on him.  

Well, I guess this means McMillan has "more to prove" and has but no choice to return to Ohio State. Sucks a single report like this can tank a player's draft stock, but McMillan will be the talisman of what should be another rock-steady defense.

(That's how this works, right? Honestly, I don't know. I expected to be fired along time ago.)

 DRE'MONT PRAISE. Adolphus Washington came to Ohio State as a five-star defense end and left as a third-round defensive tackle. 

Dre'Mont Jones came to Columbus as a four-star defensive end. He contends he could still play that position if his coaches asked, but he has found a niche inside after Tracy Sprinkle's season-ending injury thrust him into a starting position.


But when Jones had to step into a starting role on the defensive line this year after an injury to Tracy Sprinkle, there was some unknown about a redshirt freshman who missed most of his first season in Columbus because a devastating knee injury suffered in high school.

"After Oklahoma I started to feel more comfortable," Jones said. "That was a big thing for me personally, going against Oklahoma and how talented they are, I played pretty well for my first big game. That opened the door for me to gain my confidence."

And opened the door for him to remain one of the five Cleveland starters on Ohio State's defense.

It's good to see Dre'Mont get love. He may be the most unsung defensive lineman. I figured he'd be good, but his development will be tantamount to chopping up Clemson's offensive line.

 WARINNER TO TEXAS? OSU forums lit up Thursday with talk of Ed Warinner joining his old colleague and MENSA founder Tom Herman in Texas.

It started with a single post on a forum:

I live in Austin, and listen to their sportstalk radio every day, and yesterday they were talking about Tom Herman's new staff. They had Geoff Ketchum, owner of, on the show, talking about Warriner coming to Austin as the Offensive coordinator, but it wouldn't be announced until after OSU's playoff run. Not even a lateral move for Ed, if it's true.

Big if true, but didn't post this anywhere where they'd make money off this information.

And while plenty of us will say "it's not even a lateral move," please consider what a grinding boss Urban Meyer must be and that Texas could offer more money and doesn't have state tax or winter. Austin ain't Lubbock, either.

But considering the smoke around Kevin Wilson possibly joining as an assistant or quality control coach, there could be some more shake-ups on the way.

BTW: Ohio State finished with the fifth best offense in school history this year.

 COLLIER BALLED... IN THE CLASSROOM. Stephen Collier ended up at Ohio State after Deshaun Watson chose Clemson. Collier may never play a meaningful snap in Columbus (he's out with a torn ACL right now), but he took advantage of the education offered.

Collier graduated Sunday in Communications after two-and-a-half years.


He has two years of eligibility remaining and he has already been accepted to graduate school. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in kinesiology and sports management.

“I have thought about being an AD,” he said.

He said it hasn’t always been easy. Most semesters, he took the maximum class load of 18 hours — even during the summer, which is when most athletes take time off.

Congrats to Collier, who I suspect will be a victim in the annual scholarship reaping we used to cry about Alabama doing.

 BIG TOWER COMING TO COLUMBUS? Here's what $100,000,000 could get you in Columbus these days:

Yeah, you're damn right we consider 30 stories "huge." Sorry, we didn't move to New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Omaha in a vain attempt to fill the gaping hole of unhappiness in our souls.

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